About us

Shroff Publishers and Distributors Private Limited is the publishing and wholesale arm of Sterling Book House, Computer Bookshop and Bookzone having a tie up to reprint and distribute many US publishers like O'Reilly Media Inc., Maker Media Inc.,SitePoint Pty. Ltd, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Discovery Press, etc.

O'Reilly Media Inc., owned by Tim O'Reilly, publishes books which are considered the most technically proficient written manuals in the world of international publishing. O'Reilly books have an unique feature ........... having various kinds of animals on their covers. Like the titles, "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide" has a picture of an Elephant on it, similarlytheir best-seller title, "Programming Python" has a Python on the cover, their "Programming Perl" book is called "The Camel Book". Every title has a colophon at the end of the book describing the animal on the cover. O'Reilly titles have been dominating the Indian market for quite some years now.

Some of the all-time bestsellers are "Head First Java", "Head First PMP", "JavaScript: The Good Parts", “Building Microservices", "R Cookbook". Current bestsellers are “Learning Spark: Lighting – Fast Data Analysis" and "Python for Data Analysis” along with the "Head First Series", "Missing Manual Series".

Shroff Publishers have been instrumental in aggressively promoting ‘O’Reilly’ books for almost 2 Decades in the Indian Sub-Continent, due to which O’Reilly has developed into a Major Brand in the field of Technical books. All Major Indian Technical Institutes are using O’Reilly books to enhance the Technical skills of their students and assist them in their research work. Almost all titles have become instant bestsellers.

Shroff Publishers and Distributors Private Limited is now the premier source for the best content for latest topics like "Deep Learning", "Machine Learning", "Cloud Computing", "Python", "Java", "Big Data", "Data Science", "IoT"', "Embedded Systems", "Digital Marketing", "Computer Security", "UI/UX", etc. Shroff Publishers books now dominate all the online marketplaces as they have the highest number of bestsellers on Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM, Snapdeal and Rediff.

Some of the recent titles promoted by Shroff Publishers are, "Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras and Tensor Flow: Concepts, Tools and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems, 2nd Edition", "Designing Data-Intensive Applications", "Introduction to Machine Learning with Python", "Deep Learning: A Practitioner's Approach", "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition" and "Head First Design Patterns, 2nd Edition" from O’Reilly Media. "Make: Getting Started With Arduino, 3rd Edition" and "Make Electronics, 2nd Edition" from Maker Media. "Job Interview Series" and "Oracle Series" from Rampant TechPress. "Marine Electrical Technology, 11th Edition", "Marine Diesel Engines" and "Strategic Financial Management for C. A. Final" their own publications.

The Shroff Publishers reprints have now become immensely popular in India amongst the computer book enthusiasts. One important aspect of the Indian reprints are the prices, the prices are very reasonable considering the high quality of production. Currently, with over 1200 O'Reilly titles and 700+ other titles, Shroff Publishers have dominated the computer book market for the past few years in India through four distribution locations in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Bangalore and a channel of 600+ retail outlets.