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A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition: Level Up Your Core Programming Skills 2nd Edition

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From the Preface

Data structures and algorithms are more than abstract concepts. Mastering them enables you to write code that is efficient, leading to software that runs faster and consumes less memory. This is a big deal for today's software applications, which exist on increasingly mobile platforms and handle increasingly greater amounts of data. 

The problem with most resources on these subjects, though, is that they are...well...obtuse. Most texts go heavy on the math jargon, and if you are not a mathematician, it can be difficult to grasp what on Earth is going on. Even books that claim to make algorithms "easy" seem to assume that the reader has an advanced math degree. Because of this, too many people shy away from these concepts, feeling that they are not "smart" enough to understand them. 

The truth, though, is that everything about data structures and algorithms boils down to common sense. Mathematical notation itself is simply a particular language, and everything in math can also be explained with common-sense terminology. In this book, I use that common-sense language (plus a lot of diagrams!) to explain these concepts in simple, and dare I say, enjoyable ways. 

I go out of my way to make these concepts real and practical with ideas that you can make use of today. Sure, you'll learn some really cool computer science along the way. But this book is about taking that seemingly abstract stuff and making it directly practical. You'll be writing better code and faster software by the time you're done reading this book. 

Who Is This Book For? 

This book is ideal for several audiences: 

  • You are a computer science student who wants a text that explains data structures and algorithms in plain English. This book can serve as a supplement to whatever "classic" textbook you happen to be using. 
  • You are a beginning developer who knows basic programming, but wants to learn the fundamentals of computer science to write better code and increase your programming knowledge and skills. 
  • You are a self-taught developer who has never studied formal computer science (or a developer who did but forgot everything!) and wants to leverage the power of data structures and algorithms to write more scalable and elegant code. Whoever you may be, I tried to write this book so it can be accessed and enjoyed by people of all skill levels.


Jay Wengrow
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