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Ruby on Rails Up and Running

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You’ve heard all about Ruby on Rails and wantto get started. Here’s the book you need: a quick, no-nonsense introductionthat shows you how to build real applications. Ruby on Rails: Up and Runningtakes you from zero to full speed in seven chapters. It covers every¬thing fromusing scaffolding to "test the waters," to writing responsive,user-pleasing applications with Ajax.

Railsimplements a truly lightweight development model for database-driven webapplications. There is almost no configuration required; Rails sets up mappingsbetween your database tables automatically, based on easily followedconventions. During development, changes to your application show upimmediately, without the dreaded compile/deploy cycle of other frameworks andlanguages.

Developmentwith Rails is much simpler, letting you focus on the really creative parts ofyour application rather than the wiring and plumbing. The plumbing justhappens, and fewer lines of code need to be written, resulting in lessmaintenance and faster development times.

Thisbook covers:

  • Using ActiveRecord to work with your database
  • Using Migrations to modify your database without using SQL
  • Modeling relationships between tables in your database
  • Developing HTML views with templates
  • Incorporating Ajax features into your applications
  • Writing unit tests, functional tests, and integration tests
  • Building controllers to express your application’s fundamental operations

Rubyon Rails may well be the most important open source project of the last decade.It has already revolutionized the development of web applications and made lifeeasier for hundreds of thousands of developers. If you’re not working withRails, it’s time to get started; Ruby on Rails: Up and Running willshow you how.


Bruce A. Tate, Curt Hibbs
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