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UML 2.0 in Action: A project-based tutorial

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Most books about UML describeit almost in its entirety. Inevitably you're left with only a superficialknowledge of the range of UML elements, without a deep and intuitiveunderstanding of how to apply UML as a whole to real world design problems.This book doesn't set out to cover all of UML, but instead pulls together thoseparts of UML with immediate practical relevance and presents them as part of acoherent process for using UML in your actual development projects.

Thisbook is designed to be read while you work on a real project. After an initialreview of the essentials of UML and the design process, it begins withthe modeling of a business system and its business processes, in this case anairport. Then the IT system intended to serve that business process isdescribed and analysed. Finally the integration of the system into theproduction environment is covered in detail.

Thebook can be used in two ways: it can be read through as a thorough grounding inhow UML really works in practice; in addition it can be used as stand aloneguide to that particular aspect of your own project. Both result in anintuitive understanding of how to actually use UML.


Henriette Baumann, Patrick Grassle
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Shroff/Packt Publishing