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Using Samba, 3/Ed

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Using Samba, Third Edition, is the comprehensive guide to Samba administration, officially adopted by the Samba Team. Whether you’re wondering how to integrate Samba’s authentication with that of a Windows domain, how to get Samba to serve Microsoft DFS shares, or how to share files on Mac OS X, you’ll learn about these and a dozen other issues of interest to system administrators.

The range of this book knows few bounds. Using Samba takes you from basic installation and configuration—on both the client and server side, for a wide range of systems—to subtle details of security, cross-platform compatibility, and resource discovery.

This edition covers advanced 3.x features such as:

  • Integrating with Active Directory and OpenLDAP
  • Migrating from Windows NT 4.0 domains to Samba
  • Delegating administrative tasks to nonroot users
  • Managing printers
  • Making use of Virtual File System (VFS) plug-ins and other advanced file-serving features

Samba is a cross-platform triumph; robust, flexible, and fast, it turns a Unix or Linux system into a file and print server for Microsoft Windows network clients. The authors of Using Samba delve into the internals of the Windows activities and protocols, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each fea¬ture in Windows domains and in Samba itself, so you can make your file and print sharing both powerful and efficient.

Whether you’re playing on your personal computer or an enterprise network, on one note or a full three-octave range, Using Samba, Third Edition, will give you an efficient and secure server. About the Authors Gerald (Jerry) Carter received his Masters degree in Computer Science from Auburn University, where he continues to pursue his PhD. He has been a member of the SAMBA development Team since 1998 and his involvement with UNIX systems and network administration of UNIX began in 1995. Jerry currently works for HP, working on embedded printing appliances. He has published articles with various web-based magazines and teaches instructional courses as a consultant for several companies and conferences. Gerald has also written books for SAMS Publishing. His web site is Robert Eckstein has worked with Java since its first release. In a previous life, he has been an editor for O'Reilly Media, Inc. and a programmer for Motorola's cellular technology division. He has authored, co-authored, or edited a number of books, including Java Swing, Java Enterprise Best Practices, Using Samba, XML Pocket Reference, and Webmaster in a Nutshell. In his spare time he has been known to tinker with filmmaking and digital photography, as well as collecting vintage video game consoles. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Michelle, his children Lauren and Nathan, and their talking dog Ginger. Jay Ts is a system administrator and programmer with many years of experience working with several versions of Unix and other operating systems. Nowadays he works as an independent consultant out of his home in Sedona, Arizona. When he is not busy reading the Samba mailing lists and learning about new computer technology, Jay might be analyzing stock market behavior, meditating, playing around in his recording studio, or hiking in the wilderness near his home.


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