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Bash Cookbook

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Bash Cookbook unlocks the secrets of bash, the most widely used Unix shell. Inside, you’ll find complete working scripts that let you customize and harness the power of your operating system, along with short cuts to help you work more quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re an administrator, a software developer, or an end user, mastering the shell is essential for anyone working with Linux, Mac OS X, or any Unix system. This book demonstrates shell scripting the way Unix masters practice the craft.

Packed with examples and advice for everyone from shell beginners to advanced developers, bash Cookbook focuses strongly on practical remedies rather than theory. It offers many ways to automate routine tasks, and it provides scripting solutions to scores of common problems related to input/output, file manipulation, program execution, administrative tasks, and much more. Each recipe includes one or more code examples and a discussion of why the solution works.

bash Cookbook helps you:

  • Perform common tasks with solutions that address the repertoire of things you do every day
  • Write scripts to convert between DOS and Unix formats, work with compressed files, edit files automatically, work with dates and times, and more
  • Apply many tools commonly used with shell programs, including grep, sed, awk, and sort
  • Integrate recipes for interactive use, such as command history
  • Create functions, use aliases, and perform other tasks that make your life easier
  • Learn short cuts that allow you to work faster by typing less
  • Write more secure shell scripts that avoid the most common security weaknesses
  • Configure and customize bash to suit your individual needs and style.

About the Authors
Carl Albing
writes software for some of the biggest and fastest computers in the world. A software engineer for Cray, Inc. and an independent consultant, he is comfortable programming with C, Java, bash and much more. Carl is the coauthor of two books, one on Java development on Linux and his latest, the O'Reilly "bash Cookbook". A software consultant, manager, analyst and programmer with an amazing breadth of software experience, Carl has worked with companies in the US, Canada and Europe. He has worked for large companies and small startups, in technical as well as in managerial and marketing roles. Carl's software projects, past and present, involve the design and development of distributed computing software, medical image processing applications, compilers, medical devices, web-based factory floor automation, and more. Carl's education includes graduate work in Computer Science as well as a degree in Mathematics and an International MBA. He has spoken at conferences and training seminars in the US, Canada and Europe as well as local high schools and colleges. Carl enjoys speaking at user groups and seminars on Linux, C, and Java topics. You can visit for his contact information.

JP Vossen has been working with computers since the early 80s and has been in the IT industry since the early 90s, specializing in Information Security since the late 90s. He's been fascinated with scripting and automation since he first understood what an autoexec.bat was, and was delighted to discover the power and flexibility of bash and GNU on Linux in the mid-90s. He has previously written for Information Security Magazine and, among others. On those few occasion when he's not in front of a computer, he is usually taking something apart, putting something together, or both.

Cameron Newham lives in Perth, Western Australia. After completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in information technology and geography at the University of Western Australia, Cameron joined Universal Defence Systems (later to become Australian Defence Industries) as a software engineer. He has been with ADI for six years, working on various aspects of command and control systems. In his spare time Cameron can be found surfing the Internet, ballroom dancing, or driving his sports car. He also has more than a passing interest in space science, 3D graphics, synthesiser music, and Depeche Mode.


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