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Departmental Enquiries: Concept, Procedure & Practice

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The Principles of Natural Justice forms the basis for Departmental enquiries in both public and private sectors. The concepts, procedures and practices of departmental enquiries have not been codified by any Act. Therefore, the judgments pronounced by Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court became the guiding principles. The large numbers of cases are going to the courts since the Departmental enquiries are not conducted in proper manner. This book covers all aspects of Departmental enquiries right from investigation stage taking the foundation from the provisions of Constitution of India, defining various dimensions and Principles of Natural Justice. There is no dearth of books in the market covering this important topic. But none of the book touches all the spheres in to. The authors of this book with hands on experience of decades have taken the initiative of introducing art of cross-examination for the first time in Departmental enquiries as a skill to learn. The most interesting feature of the book is a model enquiry which will be handy for all those acting in the Departmental proceedings, i.e. Enquiry Officer, Presenting Officer, Defence Assistant, Disciplinary Authority and Appellant Authority to have their role play. Even the prosecution and the defence witnesses will get educated as to how they are going to act. Since considerable amount of material is available in the book for gaining expertise in analyzing the prosecution and defence cases.

About the Authors
Dewakar Goel is a science graduate with Post Graduate Degree in Management; having specialized in labour laws from Indian Law Institute. He did his Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, and also in Training and Development from ISTD. As a Law graduate, he practiced as an Advocate with Delhi High Court in the beginning of his career. He is the Human Performance Technologist, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Geneva, Switzerland. Also Human Resource Consultant of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Montreal, Canada. With around 3 decades of experience at various managerial capacities in private and public sectors made him to deal with employees related issues of large work force in major metros of the country, i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

Sangeeta Goel is an Advocate enrolled with Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. She is having the exposure in almost all major metros of the country, mainly due to the transfer of her husband. She gained expertise in counseling and believed that if Departmental Enquiries are conducted in proper manner, it will reduce the litigation of employees' related issues before the tribunals and courts. She has contributed in supplementing the chapters of the book by the relevant case laws of Supreme Court, High Courts and tribunals. The chapter on sexual harassment to women was conceptualized by her in this book. She feels that this crime should be taken more seriously by the employers. Her counseling skills have yielded fruitful results in resolving the complex issues which would have otherwise ended into lengthy litigation.


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