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Business Knowledge for IT in Investment Banking

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“What the IT industry has been waiting for.”

This is the first publication in the Bizle professional series and also thefirst of its kind. It is a handbook for the discerning IT professional thatprovides easy-to-follow guidelines on the business knowledge needed to forge acareer in the exciting world of investment banking.

The 12 chapters in this book contain information about the different businessfunctions, asset classes, the allied organisations and common systems used inthe day-to-day activities of investment banking. Also included are the analysesof the trading lifecycle and the mapping of the software development lifecycleto the trading lifecycle.

After reading this book, the professional will be armed with:

  • knowledge of the activities of the business functions of investment banks
  • understanding of the alignment of IT with the business of investment banking
  • appreciation of the concepts involved in trading of products such as Foreign Exchange
  • awareness of the skills required for a fulfilling career in investment banking
  • knowledge of the recent trends in the investment banking sector
  • confidence to communicate freely with the business community

Business Knowledge for ITin Investment Banking is anideal handbook for the IT professional working in investment banking and forthose that aspire to work in the industry. It is also useful for bothpostgraduate and undergraduate students in Information Technology.


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