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Strategies For Improving Your Business Communication

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The art of communication is the language of leadership. - James Humes

This book highlights four pillars of business communication – speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. It explains resume writing, interview, group discussion, email etiquette and unveils six smart steps to achieve your professional success. It debunks several myths associated with various skills of business communication. It blends business communication with professional success and leadership effectiveness. It contains several stories, case studies, anecdotes, illustrations, activities, and templates that help you master business communication and become a successful communicator, professional and leader.

The book is designed for students, educators, busy executives, and leaders. You can easily toss the book into a briefcase, or purse and read here and there as time allows.

About the Author
Professor M. S. Rao
is an international leadership guru who rose from humble origins. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading leadership educators, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and practitioners. He has more than three decades of experience in leadership development, and conducts training programs for various corporates and educational institutions. He is a Success Coach and Motivational Speaker, and delivers guest lectures upon request. He has coined a new leadership perspective – Soft Leadership; created the 11E Leadership Grid, and Meka’s Method – An Innovative Teaching Tool. His areas of interest include Leadership, Coaching, and Learning and Development.

He is the Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants, India. He has been listed as one of the leading achievers around the world in Marquis Who's Who in the World in 2013 - 30th Pearl Anniversary Edition. He is the author of 17 books including 21 Success Sutras for Leaders. He has published more than 250 papers and articles in international publications such as Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, T+D Magazine (ASTD), Personal Excellence, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Emerald, and Sage. He is an Advisor on the Board of Global Leadership Awards Committee – Malaysia, and was an honored judge for Global Leadership Awards – 2011 and 2012. He successfully led a webinar on Soft Leadership: A New Leadership Perspective organized by International Leadership Association, America. He has been honored as a Member of International Leadership Association (ILA) and American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP), USA.

He serves on the editorial boards of various prestigious international journals including Development and Learning in Organizations and Industrial and Commercial Training of Emerald Journals - U.K, International Journal of Business Administration - Canada, and Journal of Business Studies Quarterly - USA.

He is ranked as No.1 among the speakers in India as per reviews on URL: He can be reached at: and additionally maintains three popular blogs titled ‘Where Knowledge is Wealth’ - URL ‘Professor M.S.Rao Born for the Students’ URL and ‘Knowledge Grows When Shared’- URL


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