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Cloud Computing using Windows Azure for Beginners

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The book addressesnewbie developers who don’t have any knowledge about cloud computing or WindowsAzure. The reader with small C# programming skills can easily understand howcloud applications are developed, maintained, tested and deployed. It not onlyexplains core storage services provided by Windows Azure but also how to useWindows Azure SQL Database for creating databases, tables and running queriesfor inserting and fetching information stored in tables. For practicalimplementation the book also explains how to manage session state – animportant concept that plays a major role in web applications

Key Topic Coverage

  1. Understanding CloudComputing and its components
  2. Manage core storage services – Table and BLOB.
  3. Using Windows Azure SQL database
  4. Deploying and managing applications
Benefits this book will provide to its audience:

  1. Reader will be ableto understand the components of Cloud Architecture and their influence intoday’s technology
  2. Reader will be able to develop cloud applications thataccess Windows storage services
  3. Create, Access and Manage Database tables in Windows AzureSQL Database


B. M. Harwani
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