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Java Performance: The Definitive Guide

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Coding and testing are often considered separate areas of expertise. In this comprehensive guide, author and Java expert Scott Oaks takes the approach that anyone who works with Java should be equally adept at understanding how code behaves in the JVM, as well as the tunings likely to help its performance.

You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of Java application performance, using the JavaVirtual Machine (JVM) and the Java platform, including the language and API.Developers and performance engineers alike will learn a variety of features,tools, and processes for improving the way Java 7 and 8 applications perform.

  • Apply four principles for obtaining the best results from performance testing
  • Use JDK tools to collect data on how a Java application is performing
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a JIT compiler
  • Tune JVM garbage collectors to affect programs as little as possible
  • Use techniques to manage heap memory and JVM native memory
  • Maximize Java threading and synchronization performance features
  • Tackle performance issues in Java EE and Java SE APIs
  • Improve Java-driven database application performance
About the Author

Scott Oaks is an architect at Oracle Corporation, where he works on the performance of Oracle’s middleware software. Prior to joining Oracle, he worked for years at Sun Microsystems, specializing in many disparate technologies from the SunOS kernel to network programming and RPCs to windows systems and the OPEN LOOK Virtual Window Manager. In 1996, Scott became a Java evangelist for Sun and in 2001 joined their Java Performance group--which has been his primary focus ever since. Scott also authored O’Reilly’s Java Security, Java Threads, JXTA in a Nutshell, and Jini in a Nutshell titles.


Scott Oaks
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