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Kids on Wheels

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Hello I want to tell astory about children who are restless and always on the move…… The story is notas simple as the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pailof water; Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. Theboys, one named Kshaun and the other Shlok did not pay heed to any advice, werealways willing to pay any price! They turned, they churned, and they wriggledand jiggled but found it difficult to sit in one place for long….did they getinto trouble for this misplaced over activity? Sure they did. They gave a hardtime to all those around them, particularly their mothers who were constantlyliving on the edge. However, like partners in crime these two overactive,pranksters were ably assisted by their over indulgent granddads who never sawany harm in their gross, over the top play. How much is too much when it comesto disciplining our children The current book is an amalgamation of symptomsand terminologies used to describe children and adolescents who displayedinappropriate and excessive activity, poor attention span, distractibility,impulsivity and a host of other symptoms in a context that demanded more orderand discipline. Read ahead as the author takes you through a series of eventsthat unfold in the life of hyperactive children and their family members whoare oblivious to the fact that disorder and chaos is a way of life, whereliving on the edge is simply adding more thrills and kicks to a life alreadyfull of adventure and often misadventure. Kids on wheels, is the first among atrilogy of books that the author shares with the world of parents, teachers andabove all the hyperactive child himself.


Dr. Kapoor
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