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Marvels of Indian Regional Cuisines, Volume-2

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‘Marvels of Indian Regional Cuisines’ (Volume – II) is my eleventh book in the series on culinary items. Based on the encouragement received from my earlier books, I have written this book. Through the book, an attempt has been made to bring together in one place recipes from various parts of the country. Due to the vastness and the variety of cuisines across various regions of India, the book under this title has been divided into two parts so as to reasonably include some of the important cuisines from each of the region. Marvels of Indian Regional Cuisines (Volume I & II) is a humble attempt to capture the varied vegetarian regional cuisines across India. Each region has its own unique culinary styles which are mainly attributable to the type of food crops, vegetables, fruits that are available naturally. Moreover, the type of staple food in a region also depends upon the climate in that region. Volume I of the book series covered Indian regions / states from alphabets ‘A’ to ‘M’, while, Volume II covers remaining regions in respect of alphabets from ‘N’ onwards. It may be interesting to note that many of the cuisines over a period of time has become pan-India favourites like mixed rice items, sabjis with commonly relished vegetables, such as, ladies finger, capsicum, mushroom etc. These recipes along with some of the delectable cuisines of Parsis and Sindhis have also been included in the current book without which it is felt that the series would remain incomplete. The recipes ranges from breakfast, main course items to desserts, snacks and unique festival sweets. hope you would enjoy preparing the dishes and your family and friends would relish it. Wishing you happy and healthy times. About the Author I have written several books on culinary items in English and Tamil. have been writing articles, stories, travelogues, jokes, recipes, real incidents, experiences, poems etc. in various South Indian Tamil magazines. I have also written several books in Tamil on short stories, tips, travelogues, children’s stories etc., many of which are available in online portals. With the continued support of the publisher M/s Shroff Publishers & Distributors and the encouragement received from the readers, I have, so far, written a series of nine books on culinary items in English. The present book, “Marvels of Indian Regional Cuisines” (Volume – I) is the tenth in the series. May I wish all the readers, their family members and friends all the very best.


Mrs. Shankaran
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