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Object Oriented Paradigm with C++ Beginners Guide for C & C++

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In the first edition of “Object Oriented Paradigm with C++”- TheBeginners Guide for C and C++, Professor Bandu B. Meshram takes an object orientatedprogram building approach with Data structures and algorithms required tounderstand the syntax of the program to the beginners, novices and studentcommunity as a whole. The object oriented analysis and design of the programalong with the generic listing and illustrations of every aspect with programstap their creative energy and enhance the programming skills to write a qualityoptimized programs. The author provides the readers with basic facilities of C,C++ to advanced C++ GUI with Qt with Engineering Applications. The book isorganized into six parts: Part I: OO Software Development, Part II: C/C++Fundamentals and Programming, Part III: Object Orientation, Part IV: AdvancedC++, Part V: Data Structures and its applications, Part VI: Learning FromAppendices

In this book you will learn about

  • Object Oriented Software development with UMLwith case studies.
  • Basic facilities of C/C++ such as data types,operators, expressions, compilers, control structures, modular programming withfunctions, arrays with strings, pointers, structures and unions.
  • Object Orientation with abstraction, classes,Inheritance, static and dynamic polymorphism.
  • Advanced C++ topics like streams computationwith console and file, exception handling, Generic programming, STL andcomputer graphics
  • Covers all the newest C++ features including C++GUI with Qt
  • Data Structures –stack, queue, link list andgraph theory
  • Engineering Applications: Case studies to solvethe real life applications and engineering problems.

Programming Workbook

In the programming workbook, enhanced pedagogical aids likeChapter wise Review Questions, Unsolved Problems, Programming Exercise, SolvedProblems, Case Studies, Mini Projects,


Dr. Bandu Meshram
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