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Object Oriented Paradigm with C++ Beginners Guide for C & C++ (Workbook)

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In the first edition of “Object Oriented Paradigm withC++”- The Beginners Guide for C and C++, Professor Bandu B. Meshram takes anobject orientated program building approach required to understand the syntaxof the programming language to the beginners, novices and student community asa whole. The author provides the readers with basic facilities of C, C++ toadvanced C++ GUI with Qt, Engineering Applications and Appendices. The authorhas provided enhance pedalogical aids known as “Programmming Workbook” for thebook “Object Oriented Paradigm with C++”.

Programming Workbook On “Object Oriented Paradigm WithC++” covers almost all topics required to understand the concepts of C and C++,a core course for undergraduate computer science, engineering students andadvance concepts for the postgraduate students and researchers. The Programmingworkbook is divided into six parts having 18 Chapters and 3 new Appendicesbased on the authors book: Part I: Object Oriented Software Development, PartII: C/C++ Fundamentals and Programming, Part III: Object Orientation, Part IV:Advanced C++, Part V: Data Structures and its applications, Part VI: Learningfrom appendices. Each chapter of the workbook begins with review questions,programming exercises, solved problems and some of the chapters describesappendices.

You will find the assignments on review questions andunsolved problems on every chapter of the book on “Object Oriented Paradigmwith C++” required to be solved for the preparation of the examination. Thetheoretical answers of review questions and solutions of solved problems notonly help the students to grasp the object orientation concepts in depth butalso build the knowledge for the implementation of unsolved problems and reallife applications. You will get hands on problem solving with its solution gearedmore towards math exercises, real life case studies and miniprojects on datastructures, algorithms, graphics, database and software engineering and variousapplications. The Programming workbook appendices incorporates illustrativesolved problems to ensure easy understanding of the standard library functionsand header files, preprocessor directives and lastly includes appendix forstandard template library. Thus the Programming workbook provides enhancedpedagogical aids to capture the in depth knowledge of the C++ which can makeyou “YOU with C++”.


Dr. Bandu Meshram
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