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Computer Science and Informatics Practices with Python for CBSE Class XII

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This book will introduce CBSE class xii students to the coding skills of Python language, RDBMS, numpy and pandas operations. It is aimed at beginning use of Python and its applications to data analysis. If students have some previous data analytic programming experience in any formal computer language, his skill set will be enhanced further. The book is introduction to all topics of the syllabus, taking small steps from the basics to more involved and varied topics. I have mixed tutorials, guide, Q&A, cookbook and pocket reference styles to explain new terms and ideas. I have also taken care that not too many new concepts are introduced at once.

In our examination system, often definitions of basic terms are asked. Most exam oriented definitions have been given in bold letters and also code is given in bold font. I am sure students can easily distinguish between code and definitions, therefore same style is used for both.

Many topics where students are expected to answer point-wise, explanations have been given with bullets. All codes, given here, have been run and successfully and output have been checked. Some selected examples have been presented with screen shot, which should give students confidence of running these programs on their own. Even though this is an introduction to data analysis, I include some topics that might seem advanced. For example Analysis of ‘Titanic Tragedy’ Data and using Laplacian distribution data for plotting. These topics have been included because they can solve some problems in easier way.

This book is for students, teachers, and professionals for Python and Data Analysis. The book does not require previous knowledge of any data analysis, except some mathematical skills like handling of matrices are essential. The book has been divided in to separate units as the syllabus. This will help students to prepare for examinations.

About the Author

Dr. Ashwin I. Mehta is M.Sc. from University of Mumbai and Ph.D. from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in the Nuclear Physics Division (BARC) under the guidance of late Dr. N. Satyamurthy and Dr. K. Usha Dennis. His earliest encounter with computers was writing programs in FORTRAN with BESM-6 mainframe machine and later PDP-11. Subsequently he joined Halliburton and was involved in various technologies of data acquisition, storing and interpretation of oil field data. At Halliburton, he worked in Kuwait, Italy, United States of America, Indonesia, The Netherlands and many other countries across the globe.

He has several research papers to his credit in national and international journals. After leaving behind a hectic lifestyle of the oil field, he entered Information Technology (I.T.) academics. Since then, his interests include programming languages, web technologies, data analysis(specially using numpy and pandas) and Python. He has 20+ years of experience in teaching that includes corporate training in Halliburton as well as in different academic institutions. He has authored a number of books including “Data Warehousing for Beginners”, “Web Technologics” and “Advanced Java” published by Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd. and “Python Programming” published by Himalaya Publications. Dr. Mehta can be contacted at for your valuable comments and suggestions.


Dr. Ashwin Mehta
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