All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are Printed in Grayscale. Data quality will either make you or break you in the financial services industry. Missing prices, wrong market values, trading violations, client performance restatements, and incorrect regulatory filings can all lead to harsh penalties, lost clients, and financial disaster. This practical guide provides data analysts, data scientists, and data practitioners in financial services firms with the framework to apply manufacturing principles to financial data management, understand data dimensions, and engineer precise data quality tolerances at the datum level and integrate them into your data processing pipelines. You'll get invaluable advice on how to: Evaluate data dimensions and how they apply to different data types and use cases Determine data quality tolerances for your data quality specification Choose the points along the data processing pipeline where data quality should be assessed and measured Apply tailored data governance frameworks within a business or technical function or across an organization Precisely align data with applications and data processing pipelines And more
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All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are Printed in Grayscale. Candlesticks have become a key component of platforms and charting programs for financial trading. With these charts, traders can learn underlying patterns for interpreting price action history and forecasts. This A-Z guide shows portfolio managers, quants, strategists, and analysts how to use Python to recognize, scan, trade, and back-test the profitability of candlestick patterns. Financial author, trading consultant, and institutional market strategist Sofien Kaabar shows you how to create a candlestick scanner and indicator so you can compare the profitability of these patterns. With this hands-on book, you'll also explore a new type of charting system similar to candlesticks, as well as new patterns that have never been presented before. With this book, you will: Create and understand the conditions required for classic and modern candlestick patterns Learn the market psychology behind them• Use a framework to learn how back-testing trading strategies are conducted Explore different charting systems and understand their limitations Import OHLC historical FX data in Python in different time frames Use algorithms to scan for and reproduce patterns Learn a pattern's potential by evaluating its profitability and predictability
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Fully revised with the updated study material by ICAI (released in December 2020) and is tailored to suit the final year students of CA Final who are appearing for May 2021 examinations or later, under new syllabus. This edition also incorporates several additional problems including those asked in the November 2020 examination. It also incorporates solution to the January 2021 (November 2020 – Cycle II) examination question paper. Minor typographical errors have been corrected in the chapter of Equity Portfolio Management and other chapters. As ever, this book tries to balance the needs of those group of students who want to use this material just for passing the examination and the needs of those group of students who wants to learn in detail and pass the examination with high marks.
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All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale Nowadays, finance, mathematics, and programming are intrinsically linked. This book provides the relevant foundations of each discipline to give you the major tools you need to get started in the world of computational finance.
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About the Book This description may be from another edition of this product. John J. Murphy has now updated his landmark bestseller Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets, to include all of the financial markets. "If one could read only one book on technical analysis, this should be the one." --Knight-Ridder Financial Products and News (on the first edition, Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets, 0-13-898008-X) This outstanding reference has already taught thousands of traders the concepts of technical analysis and their application in the futures and stock markets. Covering the latest developments in computer technology, technical tools, and indicators, the second edition features new material on candlestick charting, intermarket relationships, stocks and stock rotation, plus state-of-the-art examples and figures. From how to read charts to understanding indicators and the crucial role technical analysis plays in investing, readers gain a thorough and accessible overview of the field of technical analysis, with a special emphasis on futures markets. Revised and expanded for the demands of today's financial world, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in tracking and analyzing market behavior. "One way to get started in technical analysis is to read a good book on the subject. One of my favorites is Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications by John J. Murphy. It's an easy read." Ralph J. Acampora, CMT, Managing Director, Prudential Securities Inc.  
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All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale Algorithmic trading, once the exclusive domain of institutional players, is now open to small organizations and individual traders using online platforms. The tool of choice for many traders today is Python and its ecosystem of powerful packages. In this practical book, author Yves Hilpisch shows students, academics, and practitioners how to use Python in the fascinating field of algorithmic trading.
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About the Book The discipline of wealth management is evolving fast, and the number of people in the HNI or mass affluent bracket is also increasing at a fast clip. The practitioner of wealth management needs to be aware of the concepts and knowledge of the subject, for which this book will come in handy. The book covers the relevant aspects of the subject e.g. investment asset classes, taxation, regulations, client profiling, behavioural aspects, etc. Beyond this, the practitioner of wealth management has to keep track of daily developments in investment markets, regulation, etc. through media and other sources. 
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All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale Over the next few decades, machine learning and data science will transform the finance industry. With this practical book, analysts, traders, researchers, and developers will learn how to build machine learning algorithms crucial to the industry. You’ll examine ML concepts and over 20 case studies in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, along with natural language processing (NLP).  
AuthorBrad Lookabaugh AuthorHariom Tatsat
All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale Many industries have been revolutionized by the widespread adoption of AI and machine learning. The programmatic availability of historical and real-time financial data in combination with techniques from AI and machine learning will also change the financial industry in a fundamental way. This practical book explains how to use AI and machine learning to discover statistical inefficiencies in financial markets and exploit them through algorithmic trading.  
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All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale. The financial industry has adopted Python at a tremendous rate recently, with some of the largest investment banks and hedge funds using it to build core trading and risk management systems. This hands-on guide helps both developers and quantitative analysts get started with Python, and guides you through the most important aspects of using Python for quantitative finance.
AuthorYves Hilpisch BindingPaperback
“IT and Business Converge” IT jobs in the mysterious world of hedge funds are the perhaps the highest paying jobs for IT professionals and packages are set to increase as hedge funds become more mainstream. A career in Hedge fund IT provides one of the best opportunities to work with the...
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Author 4Joydeep Sen BindingPaperback
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