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2011, Shroff/Bizle, 1, New, Paperback, Essvale Corporation Ltd.
“The Revolution has Begun” A revolution is a foot in the IT industry; there is no denying the fact. IT professionals that are forward-thinking are...
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2011, Shroff/Bizle, 1, New, Paperback, Essvale Corporation Ltd.
Provides the necessary business knowledge for IT professionals, who work in the global investment banking industry.The chapters in the book containan...
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2012, Shroff/Bizle, 1, New, Paperback, Essvale Corporation Ltd.
“Road Map to Greatness’” This is the maiden edition of our Career Guidebooks that are definitive guidesfor a career in IT across industry sectors. This...
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2012, Shroff/Bizle, 1, New, Paperback, Essvale Corporation Ltd.
“Road Map to Greatness” This is another title in the Career Guidebooks Series that are definitiveguides for a career in IT across industry sectors. This...
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2012, Shroff/Bizle, 1, New, Paperback, Essvale Corporation Ltd.
“Road Map to Greatness” This is another title in the Career Guidebooks Series that are definitiveguides for a career in IT across industry sectors. This...
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6 x 9 x 0.71 inches, 15-20, 2003, Shroff/Wiley Exclusive, First, India, Paperback, New, Philip A. Fisher
Widely respected and admired, Philip Fisher is among the most influential investors of all time. His investment philosophies, introduced almost forty years...
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No, 2010, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Sridhar
Special Features of this Book
  • Comprehensive coverage of all relevant topics in Question & Answer format.
  • Important problems marked for quick coverage.
  • Large number of solved practical problems.
  • Coverage of past 20 CA Final Exams.
  • Updated till May 2010.
  • Enough problems under exercise for self evaluation.
  • And many more small features... all resulting from student's feedback.
Topics Covered in this Book
  • Linear Programming
  • The Simplex Method
  • The Transportation Problem
  • The Assignment Problem
  • CPM & PERT
  • Simulation Analysis
  • Learning Curve
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Hypothesis Testing
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1 - 2 Days, 1128, 2012, Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 15 - 20 Days, No, Paperback, New, India, Fifth, Sridhar

About the Book

  • Contains solutions to 900+ problems and 200+ Advanced Problems of various topics of Financial management.
  • Contains solved problems of final level syllabus in financial management of most professional courses.
  • An ideal book of practice to almost all students pursuing and professional course having financial management as one of the subjects.
  • Indispensable book for final level students of CA, CS, ICWA and MBA
  • Contains several solved problems of various professional examinations.
  • Include solutions to exercise problems of Strategic Financial Management (9th Edition) written by the same author.
  • A treasure in any library.
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No, 2013, Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd., First, India, Paperback, New, Sen

There are various fixed income investment avenues in India. However, there is lack of awareness about the relevant concepts and the nuances of the investment avenues. There is dearth of a proper book that explains the relevant concepts applicable in fixed income investments and how the market functions. This book covers the concepts and goes a step further:it is a one-stop shop for someone who wants to know about the debt market in India.

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No, 2014, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, Fifth, India, Paperback, New, Rajwade
The globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy since 1991 has led to an exponential rise in the currency exposures of Indian businesses. Increasing exchange rate volatility has made Indian business entities more vulnerable to the risks arising out of not only revenue and capital account transactions but also economic exposures, which often arise without direct foreign currency dealings. In such circumstances, it has become vital for nance managers to understand the functioning of currency markets. With banks o ering various hedging instruments to manage the risk, it is equally important to understand when and how to use these instruments, especially complex, structured derivative products.

The book provides a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the forex markets, the risks and objectives pertinent to forex exposures, the derivative instruments available for hedging, as well as an insight into  some of the disputes between banks and their counterparties in relation to mis-selling of derivatives as hedging alternatives.

Apart from covering the risk management issues, the book touches upon the relevant accounting and regulatory aspects in the treatment of forex derivatives.

The book has the following sections:
Section I: Foreign Exchange Market
Section II: Cross Border Finance
Section III: Derivatives
Section IV: Risk Management and Accounting
The book would be found especially valuable by Finance/Treasury professionals in banks, companies and auditors. It is also a useful primer for managers in other functional areas like purchase, sales, commercial, etc. who are involved in foreign exchange transactions.

About the Authors
Mr. A. V. Rajwade,
Chairman of A.V.Rajwade & Co. Pvt. Ltd., is widely regarded as a pioneer in the eld of foreign exchange and interest rate risk management in the Indian nancial markets. He is highly  respected as a consultant, columnist and author of books on the subject of treasury risk management. Mr. Rajwade has been a member of various committees appointed by the Reserve Bank of India including the committees on Forex Markets and Capital Account Convertibility. In his career he has conducted over 300 training programs on risk management and related topics for corporate/bank executives. He was a visiting faculty at IIM, Ahmedabad. He has also acted as an expert witness in disputes involving complex derivatives, being arbitrated in London and Switzerland.

Mr. H. G. Desai is a risk management expert. A rank holder Chartered Accountant, he has been with the company since its inception in 1981. As a currency and risk management advisor, he is well-known in the corporate world. He advises and undertakes assignments for a number of corporates in India. He has written columns on forex markets for Business Standard and Deccan Herald. He too has conducted over 400 training programs on risk management, use of derivatives and accounting standards. Besides, he is a visiting faculty at several management institutes, including Indian Institute of Management, Indore.

Expert’s View
This is a terri c book and Mr Rajwade in his unique style has covered the entire spectrum from currency, ,interest rates to global nance and currency trading. The book is very useful as it gives step by step guidance for actual situations like Syndication of Foreign Currency loans. The book is a one stop shop on the subject for all-students, academics, professionals and of course Bankers. It is indeed a treatise on the subject
Mr. Pratip Chaudhuri Former Chairman, State Bank of India.
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No, 2011, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, Fourth, India, Paperback, New, Sridhar

This book aims at explaining the complex subject of futures and options in the simplest form. All the basics of futures and options are explained with easy to understand practical examples, for quick grasping. The topics of the book progress from basics to complex ones. This would help the reader to learn the concepts in a systematic manner. Care has been taken to ensure that while avoiding complex mathematics, useful formulae are not omitted. Several examples, end of chapter quizzes and exercise for practice would serve as a useful test for the reader.

The author can be accessed through email at

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No, 2013, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Arora
Each unit starts with Learning objectives and the structure where in all the contents of the chapter have been specified in a planned manner to help the reader have an overview of the entire chapter in advance; and subsequently guiding him/her in grasping the chapter contents systematically, without confusing one aspect of discussion with others.

At the end of each unit summery is given which contains major points discussed in chapter in a planned manner to enable the reader towards quick revision for examination purpose.

This elaborate book is suitable for graduate and post graduate students of commerce and business administration.

About the Author
Mukul Arora is a B Com (Hons) graduate from Delhi University. He is Members of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 2001.

Mukul Arora’s academic inclination include Accounting, Financial Management & Information Technology. He has a vast industrial experience in field of Statutory compliances, Corporate Accounting,
Taxation & Financial Planning & Management.

Beside coverage of Industrial background he has been involved in various administrative & advisory role. His has further contributed in various publications & columns that have appeared in various journals.

Richa Arora is Assistant professor at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies-Pune and was also associated with Indraprastha University Delhi. Her research areas include International Finance, Marketing, Marketing Research and Consumer behavior. She has around 8 years of teaching experience in various undergraduate and post graduate courses in commerce and Management. A prolific writer, she has three books and over 20 articles and research papers in various journals.
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