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Soft Skills In Management

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Like most important events in life, my wandering in the field of training was a matter of accident. Before 1947, the Government was not teaching Hindi. So Gandhiji started Rashtrabhasha Prachar Sabha and I became a Pracharak to propagate the national language. Out of the topics in the curriculum, I was asked to teach Hindi and Urdu poetry – because I was one of the junior-most pracharaks and there was no great demand for teaching poetry.

I was fond of poetry. In teaching poetry, there is a scope for using imagination. This gave me a chance to talk from the right side of the brain controlled by imagination rather than the left side controlled by organized thinking.

Since these lectures were not sourced out of any books, material had to be prepared for each programme. The scripts of these lectures attracted enough attention to record them on audio-cassettes. India Book House issued the first audio-cassettes. Ultimately the combination of these audio-cassettes became audio-compact-disc (ACD).

The lectures cover topics on soft skills. Each management function has some “hard skills” comprising techniques which are specific to that function e.g. Network Analysis for Project Management, Inventory Control Models for Material Management, Statistical Quality Control for Production Management, etc., but there are some behavioral skills common to all functions of management. These are the “soft skills” covered by this book. These are useful for participants of training programmes to generate discussions. These are also useful for those who undertake self-development through personal studies to improve their comprehension of the management process which is more of an art than a science and cannot be understood only by persuing management techniques i.e. the hard skills.

About the Author
Sharu Rangnekar is known as one of the management gurus having conducted over 5000 management development programmes in India and abroad. His books In the Wonderland of Indian Managers and In the World of Corporate Managers have become management classics.

From this guru in management comes a lesson on How to Learn Management from Your Wife complete with examples. The book s cover page illustration is by R.K.Laxman and all other illustrations by Vivek Mehetre. The cartoon on this back cover is by Prabhakar Bhatlekar.


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