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Everyyear, tens of thousands of companies—from industry giants to aspiringupstarts—apply to speak at conferences. They pump millions of dollars intothese events, hoping to find new customers, strengthen their brand, and meetnew partners. Sadly, for most of them, things don’t go that way. Submittedtopics aren’t chosen; when they are, they come across as tone-deaf salespitches.

What does it take to be chosen to speak—and to rock the mic when given thechance? This book takes you behind-the-scenes of the conference process,showing you how to submit, plan, and deliver a talk that matters. Eventorganizer Alistair Croll provides many examples based on his experience with awide range of conferences, including O’Reilly’s Strata, Velocity, Web2Expo, andTOC Conferences.

  • Learn 11items that help your submission stand out—and 11 items that will get it tossed
  • Explorethe hurdles your proposal has to clear before it’s accepted
  • Tailoryour talk to a conference’s topics and themes
  • Discoverwhy images work better than words in your slide deck
  • Achieveyour business goals by engaging the audience before, during, and after your talk


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