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2015, Shroff/O'Reilly, No, First, New, India, Forrest

Hardware startups leveled off in 2014 after sharp increases the previous two years, but there’s no sign that IoT products have lost their luster, given their momentum in key economic sectors from health and energy to agriculture and financial services. In our biannual report, Hardware by the Numbers: Summer 2015, you’ll learn the most pertinent data behind the latest IoT trends.

Renee DiResta, Vice President of Business Development at Haven, not only reveals how many prominent accelerators around the world focus solely on hardware—and why startups participating in these programs are roughly split between B2B and B2C business models—but also examines the effect this emerging ecosystem is having in several industries, including:

  • Health: wearables constitute the majority of connected devices
  • Energy: "smart grids" continue to drive IoT adoption
  • Financial services/insurance: sensors help this industry move from actuarial tables to behavioral and usage data
  • Agriculture: conservation of resources and maximization of yield are at the forefront of IoT innovation
  • Logistics and Transportation: startups are making inroads with GPS, routing optimization tools, and more
  • Public sector: governments are moving down the path to instrumented cities
Download this free report and discover the opportunities awaiting hardware and software entrepreneurs in the IoT space.

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2015, Shroff/O'Reilly, No, First, New, India, Shapiro

What avoidable problem destroys more young startups than any other?

Why is it a mistake to ask for introductions to investors?
When do you play the CEO card?
Should you sell out?

Author and four-time founder/CEO Dan Shapiro tells the stories of dozens of startups whose companies lived and died by the advice in these pages. From inception to destruction and triumph to despair, this roller-coaster read takes aspiring entrepreneurs from the highs of billion-dollar payouts and market-smashing success to the depths of impostor syndrome and bankruptcy.

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2015, Shroff/O'Reilly, No, First, New, India, Brikman
This book is the "Hello, World" tutorial for building products, technologies, and teams in a startup environment. It's based on the experiences of the author, Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman, as well as interviews with programmers from some of the most successful startups of the last decade, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, Stripe, Instagram, AdMob, Pinterest, and many others.

Hello, Startup is a practical, how-to guide that consists of three parts: Products, Technologies, and Teams. Although at its core, this is a book for programmers, by programmers, only Part II (Technologies) is significantly technical, while the rest should be accessible to technical and non-technical audiences alike.

If you’re at all interested in startups—whether you’re a programmer at the beginning of your career, a seasoned developer bored with large company politics, or a manager looking to motivate your engineers—this book is for you.

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No, 2014, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Yadav
Several factors are coming together that are creating a more favourable environment for 'Green Entrepreneurs'. There is growing awareness, even demand from public, governments and even businesses to make every aspect of societal activities– be it energy generation and consumption, transportation, computing, finance, food production, industrial production - sustainable environmentally as well as financially. Even consumers are willing to pay a small premium to procure 'Greener' alternatives. All this is creating a market need for innovations that promote sustainability. As a result, financiers are also willing to invest in such ideas. Such an ecosystem consisting of positive public perception, regulatory support from governments, markets and financial backing is exactly what is required for 'Green' innovation to thrive.
Mr. Chetan Maini
CEO, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd
Co-founder, REVA Electric Car Company

Yes, it would definitely be a good option to start a Green Startup and the main challenge is internal belief, the vision must come from the top management team. The next challenge is credibility. Your practices or products must be externally certified. Being environmentally sensitive is not expensive, actually it will reduce your cost, because wastage is reduced and if properly implemented – you will gain a competitive edge over your competitor.
Mr. Param Kannampilly
Chairman & Managing Director,
Concept Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

“A practical approach for any organization to GO GREEN for making themselves self sustainable in this competitive environment”

Only after the last tree has been cut down ……
The last River has been poisoned ……
The last fish caught …..
Only then, we will find that money cannot
be eaten.....

Imagine this
One day you come out from your house, And all you see
is big puffs of black smoke and no trees!
All you see the Cars and no Birds! All you smell is
gasoline and no flowers!
What kind of life is that?…so Go Green
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No, 2010, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Yadav
We have great pleasure in presenting this book (Concept) to forthcoming/budding Entrepreneurs in the software development arena. The future of Indian software industry is bright and we want to help create leaders in the software industry. This book throws light on a step-by-step approach to set up a software company with little or no money known as bootstrapping. This book is an essence of experiences of people who worked hard to become Entrepreneurs. This book does not describe the theory but presents a 100% practical approach.

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced in this field, are looking to invest or making a fresh start,we hope that this book will boost your confidence tremendously. We express our sincere thanks to all Entrepreneurs who helped us in sharing their valuable time, experiences, guidance and knowledge to make this project a grand success. In fact, without them it would have remained a mere hypothesis.

With the help of our expert entrepreneurs, we have divided the majority of our concepts into two parts:
Pre-planning: Planning is required before starting the start up.
Post-planning: Planning required for sustaining the company with profitability after you have started it.

In spite of our best efforts, the book may contain within it some shortcomings.We would be thankful if they are brought to our notice. We shall consider our labor amply rewarded if this concept is appreciated for whom it is meant.

About the Author
Pawan Yadav
is an enthusiastic writer on entrepreneur skills and youth expert. He writes extensively on youth, careers and entrepreneurship. Recently he has written a book "Bootstrapping A Software Company" which is sole source of inspiration and motivation for budding entrepreneurs. This book ensures a step by step approach to start and run a software company even if you have no budgets. The bootstrapping stands for same. He took three plus years to compile this concept for aspirants which is hundred percent practical approach for getting into a new venture. He has simplified the ways of business through vast market research. This market research was major challenge for him where he had interacted with the founders of various software companies and discussed deeply on the matter. This book is essence of experiences enriched by founders across the nation, who started their businesses almost with no money. Pawan is consultant for budding Entrepreneurs; He mentors students and young entrepreneurs in professional colleges, in and around Pune. A graduate engineer from Army Institute of Technology (AIT), Pune and MBA- Marketing. His expertise in marketing strategies almost of eight plus years with various MNC s provides niche in presenting this concept. He strongly believes in team work. He lives in Pune and can be reached at
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No, 2015, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Singh
Entrepreneurship is hard work as well as fun. It is a way of life that involves a 360 degree awareness and a unique outlook towards people and work. “The Entrepreneurial Outlook: Hacking the code of success” is a book designed to help the entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to develop the launchpad of their own strengths, from where they could launch the multi-pronged strategies that help them drive their business and life in a manner that makes them feel that the outcomes from their efforts are worth every ounce of their time and peace. The book is replete with real life case studies, anecdotes and infographics to make it  easier to understand and assimilate. It is for the people who are on the move and want to go places. It lays down a code of conduct for entrepreneurs while they hack the code of success.

About the Author
Deepshikha Singh worked with a number of organisations in learning and development roles, before starting her own company “Literati” in Mumbai in 2009. Technology integration into education is her forte and she is a proponent of hybrid learning which involves technology-enabled learning combined with psychology based inputs. She worked with a couple of start-ups from the very stage of their inception. She has coached a number of entrepreneurs both in India and the United States of America, who started their own ventures under her guidance. Besides she also helped a number of women entrepreneurs in setting up their own businesses. Coaching of entrepreneurs and leaders has been her passion, besides writing and travelling. Her blogs on women and organisational development are quite popular. An alumna of the University of Delhi, India, Deepshikha has varied interests ranging from leadership development to cyber security. She calls herself a lifelong learner who believes that the experiences are the best teachers and one should constantly seek new experiences to enrich one’s life.
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No, 2015, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Kamat
  • Learn the secret tricks of franchising ( that big restaurant chains don’t want you to know ) and what makes me successful and the cause of failure to others.
  • Don’t waste your time making mistakes , when you can learn the tricks not disclosed, anywhere. Tricks that will get you untold Money, Fame and Fortune.
  • Vikram Vithal Kamat, unfolds the tricks to making millions through franchising such as
  • How to get paid for franchising ?
  • Maximizing the royalty payments you can receive !
  • How to get people excited about your brand, that they pay you LACS Upfront !
  • And Much Much More
  • About the Author
    Vikram Vithal Kamat Son of Legendry restaurateur Dr. Vithal Kamat, as the next generation has taken the legacy to new heights. Selling, Marketing and Success are in Vikram’s blood. With ingenious and constant innovation in Selling, Marketing and Franchising, today Kamat Restaurants are spread Pan India and shortly across the world. He believes in making the impossible possible and in this book he reveals the tricks to making millions through franchising . Things that work! He knows…… because he’s done it !

    A Gold Medallist in Hospitality , First to start Franchising on Television , First to revolutionize South Indian food, First and Largest South Indian Chain on highways, Fist and Largest Modern Chain of Veg Cuisine. Many more Firsts to his credit.

    If you must learn, learn from the best , and Vikram Vithal Kamat is the best at Sales, Marketing and Success in Hospitality.
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    No, 2013, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Prof. Bhushan
    People, Technology and Entrepreneurship is a compilation of papers dealing with diverse aspects of Entrepreneurship presented at International fora, specially International Entrepreneurship Forum organized annually under the leadership of Dr. Jay Mitra, presently Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, Essex Business School, University of Essex, and an international authority on Entrepreneurship.

    The compilation is divided into 3 sections- the first dealing with Entrepreneurship and its Development through education, specially through Management Education, the second dealing with Entrepreneurship and Management covering aspects of entrepreneurship in relation to management in large businesses and in diverse sectors and the third covering Entrepreneurship and Technology and focusing on Technology driven Entrepreneurship, specially through Techno – Entrepreneurs.

    Recognizing the two major constituents of the entrepreneurial processes and entrepreneurship development, namely People and Technology, the book is titled ‘ People, Technology and Entrepreneurship’.

    This compilation of papers should be of interest to all those who are seriously interested in a study of vital aspects of entrepreneurship, focusing as it does on the process of Entrepreneurship and the human aspects of Entrepreneurship. Recognizing Techno Entrepreneurs as an emerging force, the book has some research studies that particularly bring out the role of technology and technical education in promoting Entrepreneurship in India. Also highlighted in the papers is the role of innovation as the key to Entrepreneurship which has created interest not only in India but worldwide.

    Practicing Entrepreneurs, students of Entrepreneurship and Researchers in Entrepreneurship will find the book useful for them.
    Y. K. Bhushan
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    No, 2013, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Dr. Sharma
    Entrepreneurship is a key change agent in all aspects of society; empowering individuals to seek opportunities where others see overwhelming problems. In the recent past, entrepreneurs have created many great enterprises that have subsequently led to creation of jobs, further leading to increase in prosperity, and an overall improvement in the quality of life.

    Entrepreneurship now plays a vital role in finding solutions to the huge challenges we face today that include energy, environment, health, security, and education.

    This book focuses on the strategic learning opportunities with:
    • The most comprehensive and detailed coverage of Entrepreneurship Management.

    • The classic research about entrepreneurship as well as the most recent information to provide insights about effective use of entrepreneurship in the global business environment in which most firms operate today.

    • The discussion about entrepreneurship is complemented with several contemporary case studies and examples to give you a complete and practical perspective of the subject.
    This book is designed for university students, as well as for others in industry and public service, who want to learn the essentials of entrepreneurship management.
    Entrepreneurship opportunities now span the entire society and they do not need any knowledge prerequisites. Even though this book is written with the expectation of some background understanding of business operations, we want it to be accessible to all students including undergraduate, graduate, and executive education.
    Prof. Dr. Gulnar Sharma
    Dr. Meghashri Dalvi

    About the Authors
    Prof. Dr. Gulnar K Sharma
    An Economist and Management Expert, Dr Gulnar K Sharma has a vast professional experience of more than 21 years. As a Professor and Management Consultant, she has worked across the country, and has won several International and National Awards for her contribution in the field of academics. Her honors include Asia’s Best B- School Award for Best Professor in Economics in Singapore, Star News-National B-School Award for Best Professor Teaching Advertising Management, and Best Educationist Award and Certificate of Excellence from International Institute of Education and Management.
    More than 70 International and national Research papers, conference proceedings and case studies are to her credit. She has also published two books on Management. She has done her MBA (Marketing), MA, M.Phil, MBA and PhD. in Economics and her specialization is in Macro Economics, Managerial Economics, Marketing, and Brand Management.

    Dr. Meghashri Dalvi After completing her engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, Meghashri Dalvi worked as Design Manager with Siemens, later continuing her management studies in UK, and completing her PhD (Mgmt) from Mumbai. She also holds Business Communication Certification from London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    For the last fifteen years, she has been working as a consultant in the IT industry, providing her expertise in technical communication to the top 20 IT companies. She is a visiting faculty for management institutes in Mumbai and has conducted more than ten sessions in technical communication for leading corporate groups.
    Specializing in diverse fields of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Business Communication, she has published more than 15 research papers in the international journals and presented in various management conferences.
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    No, 2012, Shroff Publishers, First, India, Paperback, New, Yadav
    Everybody is talking about cloud. Everyone is tweeting about cloud. Everyone is blogging about cloud. Every company is claiming to be an expert in cloud computing. What the hell is this cloud computing? What all business opportunities available in this emerging business model? How it could support the existing businesses? How it could serve a cost cutting sword for startups.

    This book “BUSINESS @ CLOUD LEVEL ---A Concise Business Guide on Cloud computing” will be one stop to answer these questions.

    The extensive research on its business aspects ,make this book unique in field of Cloud Computing .This book would be serving a sole bible for Investors, entrepreneurs, startups, existing businesses and  off course  for the students from Management and technical domains .

    It’s a move from CAPEX to OPEX. It’s move from owning to renting. Hence, all that was required to build a career in IT would be required to build a career in Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing makes computer infrastructure and services available "on-need" basis. The computing infrastructure could include hard disk, development platform, database, computing power or complete software applications. To access these resources from the cloud vendors, organizations do not need to make any large scale capital expenditures. Organization need to "pay per use" i.e. organization need to pay only as much for the computing infrastructure as they use. The billing model of cloud computing is similar to the electricity payment that we do on the basis of usage.

    The book talks about the business opportunities existing around us because of this business model.

    Several experts say it as business models of this decade. Even the existing businesses could make use of this business model to reduce their CAPEX.

    This book talks about the businesses, the impact of Cloud computing service models in start-ups and existing businesses. The economics and financial saving are the two unique selling propositions (USPs) which this book talks about and explained through the parameter like return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

    These two parameters (ROI+TCO) are the key driving factor for Cloud Computing business model emergence.

    Another unique selling proposition (USP) of this book is the interviews from Cloud computing Indian tycoons such as RAMCO and OrangeScape.
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