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Environmental Studies

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Book has always been asource for academicians to present their thoughts on a particular subject insuch a manner that are written in simple words to make the understandingcomparatively easier for the reader. It gives us an immense pleasure to presentthis book on Environmental Studies which compiles the details of environmentand its study. We are totally surrounded by environment and it affects our daytoday life. Environment is always been an essential part of our life, whetherdirectly or indirectly. This book comprises of the details of why there is aneed of studying environment studies. It is written in a student-friendlylanguage without compromising on the technical details.

Initial chapters try to cover all important concepts andterminologies of Environmental and ecology. It also covers the details ofenvironment laws in Indian constitution, which included Central, State andLocal bodies of jurisdiction.

Next few chapters covers the problem of pollution its typesand how one individually can minimize the problem of pollution, also theproblem related to pollution and its implication are discussed in this unit

The other units cover the topic of disaster and itsmanagement. This unit deals with the detailed study of various disasters likecyclone, earthquake, flood landslide etc. Under this chapter, we have tried todiscuss the management of this disasters and managing cycle of disaster. Effortshave been made to include latest facts and figures related to pollution,disaster management in relation to India and world around.

This book has also attempted to compile and has appendixesvarious Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blanks and subjective questionsin order to help students to judge their progress and also help them in thepreparation of University Examinations.

It has to be noted here that, with the changes in laws, thereoccurs some changes in the structure of rules also. Therefore, the contentshere represent the core concept of laws and the rules and regulation applicablefor the concerned assessment year.

We are sure that this book will be helpful and meaningful tothe Faculty and Students fraternity; we shall feel amply rewarded if the bookproves helpful in the better understanding of environmental studies.


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