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White Magique

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Greetings and Welcome to the Magical World of infinite Power that is waiting to be discovered by you since the first breath you took at the time of your birth.

My name is Saif Herekar and I am simply in love with life. It has been years of varied experiences I have gathered from some of the most interesting people I have met. Something beautiful happened a decade ago, when I got an opportunity to give an inspirational speech at a small gathering & it felt wonderful when someone from the audience said to me that it made a difference to him. From that day on, I discovered that I was designed & destined for the people. I have facilitated to thousands of people since then on Leadership, Fear fighting, Confidence building and more. I have conducted various trainings in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Airlines, Hotels, Cruise liners, Fashion, Animation etc in India & abroad. Since then there is no looking back. In my years of experience of meeting & speaking with people, the one thing that I observed in many was fear & lack of self confidence. I decided to write on it and it took the shape of a book called ‘White Magique’.

I would like to invite you on a journey with me through this book. This journey will speak the story of Failure & Success. It will reveal secrets on how to tame your biggest fears and how to conquer like Champions. It is an answer to those incalculable questions that float around pushing us deeper into the tunnel of darkness & failure. This is not just a book; it is a Journey, a mission and a story every individual could relate to. Decades of rich experiences have been brought together in this journey to assist one and all. I call this journey the ‘White Magique’ as it is the magical, mystical and pure pathway to strengthen your Body, Mind & Soul. I wish all my readers a very happy journey through this book.

About the Author
Saif Herekar
Behavioral learning & Development Expert Writer, Philosopher & Poet Saif Herekar has passionately enjoyed conducting Research & Facilitation on Behavioral learning & Development for more than a decade. He has conducted thousands of Workshops featuring NLP, Leadership programs, Motivational speeches, Surveys, Business & Personality coaching. He is actively training HR teams of reputed organizations on interviewing process & Negotiation.

He has written a large collection of Poems and also writes short stories. He is also a Voice coach and has done Voice Over for many educational videos. He has conducted many Sales & Product training for Organizations in India & abroad.

He has trained Professionals on Leadership, Problem Solving, Creativity, Attention to detail, Effective Delegation & much more covering diverse industries ranging from Airlines, Information Technology, Media, Animation, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Fashion, Engineering & more. He has conducted motivational speeches in the finest colleges, Auditoriums & Seminars in Mumbai. He is also an Image Consultant to some reputed Organizations in India & abroad. He is a Personal coach to a huge list of students in India, Malaysia, Dubai and Europe.

He can be contacted on,,


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