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Jars Filled with Gold

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The heart may take delight in several things and yet experience a void. The trick lies in discovering the truth or falseness of that void. A question lingers; does that void really exist or is it just ones imagination?

Our lives are like those of fish caught in the net of strings which entangle us. Strings of desires and relations do not allow us to set ourselves free. Should we then cut ourselves free from all desires or relationships to get ultimate freedom?

Minaz , a spinster is quite happy with her life which gets suddenly shaken up when her friend Kalpita frustrated with her marital life of loneliness attempts suicide and survives to return longingly to her husband who had driven her to self extinction. With a curious desire to taste this confusing bliss called love Minaz gets pulled into a relationship with Anudeep, a father of two young kids.

These are the protagonists who are in search of a cure for their lonely hearts but who in this search transform their original blissful nature to a soul defeating state.

It is Maitrayi, a figure of higher consciousness who runs along the story understanding that to be free is in reality not to be free from something or someone but a state of release from bondage-a bondage of tradition and authority. She experiences a state of being, which is not a result of a desire to be free but Freedom itself. Holding the hand of her spirit of happiness with the force of a thinking mind she sails the journey of life in the ship of pure love.


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