Interview And Career

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Everyone has an idea about their dream job. However, given the competition and the tough selection process, that organisations follow, for many, the dream fails to become a reality. Winning the Job Race: A Job Seeker’s Companion to Cracking Written Tests, GDs and PIs offers help in bridging this gap. In the over 25 years that the author has spent teaching, she has realised the challenges that students encounter, because of which they do not clear the selection process. This book, through its 4 parts – Understanding the Selection Process, Written Tests, GDs and PIs, offers a step-by-step guide, to preparing well for the selection process, so that the candidate can not only crack, but more importantly ace it. This would result in a win-win situation, for both the organisation and the candidate.
Author 4Dr. Preeti Shirodkar BindingPaperback