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Internet Of Things (IOT)

7 x 9 x 0.7 inch, 420, ships in 12-15 days, 30/06/2021, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2021, ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Andy King

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Learn how to program the Internet of Things with this hands-on guide. By breaking down IoT programming complexities in step-by-step, building-block fashion, author and educator Andy King shows you how to design and build your own full-stack, end-to-end IoT solution--from device to cloud. This practical book walks you through tooling, development environment setup, solution design, and implementation.

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ships in 12-15 days, 224, Shroff/Maker Media, 2016, ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, John Keefe

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"The Internet of Things" is the new buzzphrase, but what is it? A toaster that texts? The fitness band on your wrist? The camera in an infant's room? Sure, it's all of those things. But it's also your phone: an ultra-sophisticated sensor and communications system in your pocket or purse--capable of tracking your steps, capturing an image, or calling an Uber. And it is actually not hard or expensive to make a sensing, communicating object yourself. Doing so can be rewarding, fun, and even useful. This book teaches the basics of building sensors and communicating objects through a series of practical, demonstrative, and fun activities.

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