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7 x 9 x .9 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 484, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Aileen Nielsen

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

Time series data analysis is increasingly important due to the massive production of such data through the internet of things, the digitalization of healthcare, and the rise of smart cities. As continuous monitoring and data collection become more common, the need for competent time series analysis with both statistical and machine learning techniques will increase.

Covering innovations in time series data analysis and use cases from the real world, this practical guide will help you solve the most common data engineering and analysis challenges in time series, using both traditional statistical and modern machine learning techniques.

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262, 2016, Shroff/O'Reilly, No, First, Paperback, New, India, Allen Downey

Currently used at many colleges, universities, and high schools, this hands-on introduction to computer science is ideal for people with little or no programming experience. The goal of this concise book is not just to teach you Java, but to help you think like a computer scientist. You’ll learn how to program—a useful skill by itself—but you’ll also discover how to use programming as a means to an end.

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8.5 x 11 x 1.6 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 832, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2019, Usually ships in 12-15 days, N, Paperback, New, India, Fifth, A. N. Sridhar

A Useful Text for CS Final, ICWA Final, MBA and CFA. This book has a concept oriented approach, is examination Oreinted with a comprehensive coverage of CA Final syllabus. It contains a large number of examples and solved problems, with exercises for self evaluation and Model paper for practice.

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4.25 x 7 x .5 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 248, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, N, First, Ben Albahari, Paperback, New, India, Joseph Albahari

When you need answers about using C# 8.0, this tightly focused and practical book tells you exactly what you need to know without long intros or bloated samples. Easy to browse, C# 8.0 Pocket Reference is ideal as a quick source of information or as a guide to get you rapidly up to speed if you already know Java, C++, or an earlier C# version.All programs and code snippets are available as interactive samples in LINQPad. 

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6 x 9 x .7 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 364, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, N, First, Mike Mason, Paperback, New, India, Xiao Guo

The Digital Age is having a broad and profound impact on companies and entire industries. Rather than simply automate or embed digital technology into existing offerings, your business needs to rethink everything. In this practical book, three ThoughtWorks professionals provide a game plan to help your business through this transformation, along with technical concepts that you need to know to be an effective leader in a modern digital business.

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6 x 9 x 1.4 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 724, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 12-15 days, N, Paperback, New, India, Thirteenth, DAVID POGUE

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11R, and 11Max are faster than ever and have more powerful cameras. With the latest edition of this bestselling guide, you get a funny, gorgeously illustrated guide to the tips, shortcuts, and workarounds that will turn you into an iPhone master.Written by David Pogue—Missing Manual series creato.

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7 x 9 x .8 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 394, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, N, First, Mike Dunn, Paperback, New, India, Shaun Lewis

Learn how to make mobile native app development easier. If your team frequently works with both iOS and Android - or plans to transition from one to the other - this hands-on guide shows you how to perform the most common development tasks in each platform. Want to learn how to make network connections in iOS? Or how to work with a database in Android? This book has you covered.

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6 x 9 x .5 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 260, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, David Carmona

Much in the same way that software transformed business in the past two decades, AI is set to redefine organizations and entire industries. Just as every company is a software company today, every company will soon be an AI company.

This practical guide explains how business and technical leaders can embrace this new breed of organization. Based on real customer experience, Microsoft's David Carmona covers the journey necessary to become an AI Organization from applying AI in your business today to the deep transformation that can empower your organization to redefine the industry. 

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2014, Shroff/O'Reilly, No, First, New, India, Meyers
Coming to grips with C++11 and C++14 is more than a matter of familiarizing yourself with the features they introduce (e.g., auto type declarations, move semantics, lambda expressions, and concurrency support). The challenge is learning to use those features effectively—so that your software is correct, efficient, maintainable, and portable. That’s where this practical book comes in. It describes how to write truly great software using C++11 and C++14—i.e. using modern C++.

Topics include:
  • The pros and cons of braced initialization, noexcept specifications, perfect forwarding, and smart pointer make functions
  • The relationships among std::move, std::forward, rvalue references, and universal references
  • Techniques for writing clear, correct, effective lambda expressions
  • How std::atomic differs from volatile, how each should be used, and how they relate to C++'s concurrency API
  • How best practices in "old" C++ programming (i.e., C++98) require revision for software development in modern C++
Effective Modern C++ follows the proven guideline-based, example-driven format of Scott Meyers' earlier books, but covers entirely new material.

About the Author
For more than 20 years, Scott Meyers’ Effective C++ books (Effective C++, More Effective C++, and Effective STL) have set the bar for C++ programming guidance. His clear, engaging explanations of complex technical material have earned him a worldwide following, and they keep him in demand as a trainer, consultant, and conference presenter. Winner of the 2009 Dr. Dobb’s Excellence in Programming Award, he has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Brown University. His web site is
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7 x 9 x 0.4 inches, 184, 8-10 days, 12/11/2019, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2019, Ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Guido van Rossum

This manual provides an introduction to Python, an easy to learn object-oriented programming language.Python combines power with clear syntax. It has modules, classes, exceptions, very high level data types, and dynamic typing. Python can link directly to libraries written in C or C++ and can be embedded as an extension language for applications that need a programmable interface.

This is a printed edition of the official Python tutorial from the Python 3.2 distribution. For each copy sold S1 is donated to the Python Software Foundation. 

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7 x 9 x 1.2 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 608, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, Third, Simon Monk

With millions of new users and several new models, the Raspberry Pi ecosystem continues to expand—along with many new questions about the Pi’s capabilities. The third edition of this popular cookbook provides more than 200 hands-on recipes that show you how to run this tiny low-cost computer with Linux; program it with Python; hook it up to sensors, motors, and Arduino boards; and even use it with the internet of things (IoT).

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7 x 9 x 1.2 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 620, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, N, First, Meher Kasam, Siddha Ganju, Paperback, New, India, Anirudh Koul

Whether you’re a software engineer aspiring to enter the world of deep learning, a veteran data scientist, or a hobbyist with a simple dream of making the next viral AI app, you might have wondered where to begin. This step-by-step guide teaches you how to build practical deep learning applications for the cloud, mobile, browsers, and edge devices using a hands-on approach.Relying on years of industry experience transforming deep learning research into award-winning applications, Anirudh Koul, Siddha Ganju, and Meher Kasam guide you through the process of converting an idea into something that people in the real world can use. • Train, tune, and deploy computer vision models with Keras, TensorFlow, Core ML, and TensorFlow Lite • Develop AI for a range of devices including Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, and Google Coral • Explore fun projects, from Silicon Valley’s Not Hotdog app to 40+ industry case studies • Simulate an autonomous car in a video game environment and build a miniature version with reinforcement learning • Use transfer learning to train models in minutes • Discover 50+ practical tips for maximizing model accuracy and speed, debugging, and scaling to millions of users

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