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New in This Edition Organized to the latest PMP ECO The ultimate prep guide expertly incorporates PMP exam content from multiple sources & original content Integrates essential concepts from the PMP ECO, PMBOK Guide 7,  Process Groups: A Practice Guide  and more! Solidifies knowledge of  People, Process and Business Environment  domains and tasks Covers everything you need to know about  predictive, agile and hybrid approaches
AuthorRita Mulcahy, PMP with Margo Kirwin, CPLP, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA BindingPaperback
All Indian Reprints of Rheinwerk are printed in Grayscale Get started with Git-today! Walk through installation and explore the variety of development environments available. Understand the concepts that underpin Git's workflows, from branching to commits, and see how to use major platforms, like GitHub. Learn the ins and outs of working with Git for day-to-day development. Get your versioning under control! Get hands-on practical experience with Git Understand branches, commands, commits, workflows, and more Learn to use GitHub, GitLab, and alternative Git platforms
AuthorBernd Öggl, Michael Kofler BindingPaperback
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Hot Topics PMP® Exam Flashcards, Tenth EditionFor 2021 PMP Exams - Aligned with the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition This flashcard notebook has been updated to reflect PMI's changes to the PMP® Examination Content Outline (2021) and the release of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Sixth Edition. 
AuthorRita Mulcahy BindingPaperback
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PMBOK® Guide is the go-to resource for project management practitioners. The project management profession has significantly evolved due to emerging technology, new approaches and rapid market changes. Reflecting this evolution, The Standard for Project Management enumerates 12 principles of...
AuthorProject Management Institute BindingPaperback
In the updated edition of this critically acclaimed and bestselling book, Microsoft project veteran Scott Berkun offers a collection of essays on field-tested philosophies and strategies for defining, leading, and managing projects. Each essay distills complex concepts and challenges into practical nuggets of useful advice, and the new edition now adds more value for leaders and managers of projects everywhere.
AuthorScott Berkun BindingPaperback
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These days, every company wants to be Agile or do Agile . But what exactly does Agile mean? Where did it come from? And what is the difference between Agile and Lean? This video describes the core values, rhythms, and practices of Agile and Lean in accessible and jargon-free terms and provides concrete and actionable strategies for bringing the best of Agile and Lean to your organization.
Author 4Matt LeMay BindingPaperback
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A common sense approach to project management. Every project you manage will be unique. Scope, budgets, team dynamics, and timeframes will differ. As a project manager, the most important factor in achieving project success will be your understanding of that project management isn’t rocket science: using the information contained in this book, you’ll deliver projects on time and on budget, again and again.
AuthorMeri Williams BindingPaperback
In today’s business world getting profitable and staying there is a really big challenge. The climb to being a profit making company is often a long and arduous one. While there are really no shortcuts to becoming a profitable and viable company, there is a tried and tested technique, regretfully all too often ignored, that will help make this journey a more comfortable, and less trial and error one. Project management is key in making any project undertaken by your company a successful one. Multiple successful projects in turn, are key to becoming a profitable and viable company and staying there. In this material Shailesh Mehta, has explained the scope of project management in simple, lucid and easy to implement terms. If any project can be easily decomposed into a definite set of measurable attributes, then simply paying close attention to these attributes, especially how they are performing on a day to day basis, will empower anyone to determine the success ( or failure ) of the project being undertaken. Hence, understanding and applying project management techniques is crucial to project success, Shailesh Mehta, delivers simple, but very sound concepts in this book. I believe that it’s a great read and a useful addition to any library. Ivan Bayross (CMD – Silicon Chip Technologies) (Renowned Technical Author) Shailesh Mehta has made an excellent effort to bring wide variety of topic in a single book. The author covers both traditional software development cycle and more modern agile methodologies. The author has given significant stress on project estimation and metrics - foundation for successful project execution and continuous improvement. The chapter on personal excellence is a bonus for those readers who want to take their competence to the next level. Saiprasad Muzumdar (Head of Application Management - Global Financial institution) This book covers all the aspects of project management for project managers who are beginners as well as those who are experienced. These concepts are well described and explained. Section on ‘Tools and Techniques’ covers different technologies used in various projects which gives good insight for the project managers. It is a great mix of theory, concepts, practice and perspective. Sujata Lovalekar (AtoS India Private Limited - Sr. Project Manager) Also recommended from same Author I.T. Quality Concepts and Quality Models – An overview By – Shailesh Mehta The book comprises of twenty chapters grouped into multiple sections like – Quality Concepts , Quality Awards , ISO Standards , CMM Concepts , Software Testing Standards , Security Standards, Six Sigma Concepts and BPO Standards.
Author 4Mehta BindingPaperback
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The book has not only touched the key areas but also contains the following: Two full length sample papers for foundation exams along with the answer keys. Tips and tricks to pass the practitioner exam along with the sample questions. Two sample case studies provided at the end of the book help in strengthening the concept and in understanding how to apply PRINCE2 in the real timescenario.
Author 4Sharma BindingPaperback
This book is the first of its kind focusing on Application of Operations Research Techniques (Mathematics) in Project Management. It will be of immense help for Project Management Professionals in any industry verticals including Info technology program managers, engineering and construction managers and various operations’ managers. This book includes real industry examples and methods on how to use Operations Research (OR) techniques to help project management decision making. It will be a guide in the implementation of OR in project management. It includes ‘Algorithms for various OR techniques’. It also includes Code in C++ for important OR models. The book deals with project management numerical illustrations on the use of various copyrighted software applications like Microsoft Math, SAP, SPSS, Matlab (Mathworks Inc.), Microsoft Project, Primavera, OpenPlan, C++. Most importantly, it provides an insight into building of interfaces between Enterprise Applications/business data warehouse to analytical applications like Matlab. Another important topic in this book is Metrics for Project Management and Progress Analysis (Earned Value Analysis) Methods. This is invaluable to monitor projects also serving as inputs for your project management balanced score cards and strategic program management and cost control. Besides various Statistical Methods and Operations Research Techniques, the book has a compilation of various Project Management Topics viz. Software Engineering Institute’s Estimation Methods, various Claims Formulae with examples, Project Managerial Economics and Project Accounting & Controlling Methods. About the Author Retty Velayoudam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Management. He was a PMI© (USA) Certified (2000-2003) Project Management Professional. He is a SAP (Germany) Certified Project System Solution Consultant. He is a Sr. SAP PS Consultant working in USA with 13 years of SAP PS (Project System) Consulting Experience. He has rich experience in Project Management Concepts, practices and in a wide range of Software Tools used for managing large multi-million complex projects in the Oil and Gas, Hi-Tech, IT industry, Engineering, Services, Manufacturing, US Public Sector, etc. He has experience in Enterprise level Project Management Information Systems. You can contact him at
Author 4Velayoudam BindingPaperback
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Mohit is a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award from the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto. He has taught numerous in-class and online courses in Project Management and Business Analysis and is an active practitioner of Lean Six Sigma.
Author 4Arora BindingPaperback
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The Project Manager’s Handbook is designed to reinforce the important concepts that one needs to know the PMBOK TH Guide. Use the book as a handbook to brush up your Knowledge from the PMBOK TH Guide. The book has four main aspects that will reinforce your Knowledge about the PMBOK TH guide.
Author 2Yatin Bhatia Author 4Vinod Kumar Garg
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