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Project Management and Tools & Technologies – An overview

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In today’s business world getting profitableand staying there is a really big challenge. The climb to being a profit makingcompany is often a long and arduous one. While there are really no shortcuts tobecoming a profitable and viable company, there is a tried and testedtechnique, regretfully all too often ignored, that will help make this journeya more comfortable, and less trial and error one.

Project management is key in making any project undertaken by your company asuccessful one. Multiple successful projects in turn, are key to becoming aprofitable and viable company and staying there. In this material ShaileshMehta, has explained the scope of project management in simple, lucid and easyto implement terms. If any project can be easily decomposed into a definite setof measurable attributes, then simply paying close attention to theseattributes, especially how they are performing on a day to day basis, willempower anyone to determine the success ( or failure ) of the project beingundertaken. Hence, understanding and applying project management techniques iscrucial to project success, Shailesh Mehta, delivers simple, but very soundconcepts in this book. I believe that it’s a great read and a useful addition
to any library.

Ivan Bayross (CMD – Silicon Chip Technologies)(Renowned Technical Author)

Shailesh Mehta has made an excellent effort to bring wide variety of topic in asingle book. The author covers both traditional software development cycle andmore modern agile methodologies. The author has given significant stress onproject estimation and metrics - foundation for successful project executionand continuous improvement. The chapter on personal excellence is a bonus forthose readers who want to take their competence to the next level.

Saiprasad Muzumdar (Head of Application Management- Global Financial institution)

This book covers all the aspects of project management for project managers whoare beginners as well as those who are experienced. These concepts are welldescribed and explained. Section on ‘Tools and Techniques’ covers differenttechnologies used in various projects which gives good insight for the projectmanagers. It is a great mix of theory, concepts, practice and perspective.

Sujata Lovalekar (AtoS India Private Limited - Sr.Project Manager)


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