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Raina's Bridge Rehabilitation

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About the Book

This book is a practitioner’s delight!!!!! It covers the following issues in a thoroughly PRACTICE oriented and highly WORKMAN-LIKE manner:

  • 1 Bridge–Structure Inspection…
  • 2 Some Details Regarding Steel, Prestressing Steel, Prestressing Tendons and Some Anchorages
  • 3 Bmms (Bridge Maintenance & Management System) Rehabilitation of Bridges and Requirements of Crews, Equipment, Etc
  • 4 Details of Various Repairs to Concrete
  • 5 Specifications for Some Important Repair-Materials, Repair techniques, and Repair-Procedures
  • 6 Bridge Structure Repair
  • 7 Bridge-Structure Strengthening
  • 8 Structural Repair Using FRP Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Polymer)
  • 9 Strengthening of Concrete Bridge-Decks by External Prestressing
  • 10 A Workman-Like Conceptual Strategy for Durability of Structural Concrete in Warm and Aggressive Sea-Water Heavily Charged with Sulphates, Chlorides and Moluscs
  • 11 Concrete in Hot & Aggressive Environments in Sea-Water Surroundings
  • 12 Monitoring Bridge-Performance
  • 13 High Performance Concrete ... HPC
  • 14 Design of High-Strength Concrete Mix, Statistical-Control of its Quality, Good Concrete Practice, &
  • Acceptability Criteria for Compression-Test Results
  • 15 Non-Destructive & Other Diagnostic Testing Of R.c., P.s.c. & Steel Structures
  • 16 Load Testing of Certain Bridge Elements
  • 17 Pre-Engineered Ready-Toassemble Standard-Panel-System Bridge-Superstructures for Emergency Situations
  • 18 Fire Resistance of Structural Concrete (R.c. And P.s.c.)
  • 19 Bridge Disasters: A Pathology of Failures & Attitudes!!
  • 20 Q U E S T I O N???? How to Ensure Longer Service-Life of Bridges, Why Do They Crack, What are the Possible Crack-Distresses & How Can These be Prevented A N S W E R!!!!! Adopt Relentlessly the Q.a. & Q.c. Regimes Pinpointedly Marshalled in This Chapter and
  • for Understanding “Why the Crack Distress & How to Prevent Them in the First Place” See Chapter # 1
  • 21 Load-Capacity Evaluation of Existing Bridges
  • 22 Rehabilitating & Retrofitting 1. Shivaganga Bridge, 2. Ratu Bridge, And, 3. Jharai Bridge in Nepal
  • 23 Safety at Work

This book is an unparalleled masterpiece in the field of

BRIDGE - MAINTENANCE AND REHABILITATION. Very lucidly it covers various important issues in breadth and depth in a resolute manner. It is a formidable GUIDE for the Field Engineers charged with the responsibility of MAINTAINING and REHABILITATING BRIDGES through REPAIR, STRENGTHENING and RETROFITTING.

About the Author

Dr. RAINA is an internationally well-known Bridge Expert; a Consultant and Senior Expert with the UNITED NATIONS, the WORLD BANK and the AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK; Technical Advisor to various Governments (the 26 Km long Saudi-Bahrain Sealink and the 40 Km. long proposed Bahrain-Qatar Sea-link, etc.); has Mentored and Trained many young bridge engineers in many host-countries and States; has worked in 21 countries (UK, Canada, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia – including Mongolia); has designed and supervised over 110,000 Lane-meters. of various types of Bridges in different countries – in pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, on different types of Foundations in different substrata conditions; and has ALSO authored 12 professional Books and nearly 100 Technical Papers and Advisories.


Dr. V. K. Raina
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