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No, 2016, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Joydeep Sen
This book presents 100 stories, of events around us. The purpose is to urge you to re-think about the events, and open up 100 new perspectives. Every new perspective is a life management lesson for us. We approach every moment of life as per our perspective on that situation, our perception of that person, our understanding of that event, and how we want to deal with it. If our perception changes, our approach to life will change, for the better.

The author's perspective is given as Ôepilogue' with each story. However, the purpose is not only to share the thoughts, but also to motivate you to re-think and open a new vista for yourself. This is a lesson you learn yourself, just by opening your eyes to events around us, and need not go to any management school.

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No, 2012, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Senthivel
The human mind, from childhood, gets programmed into believing that individual success is paramount compared to everything else, that consumption is king and it’s okay to win at all costs! This book goes about exploring the very depths of our own mind, its default mode of working, how one may free oneself from the shackles of his own conditioning, and so on. This will help one understand one’s own mind as a system. Once a total understanding is gained on how the mind works, inner transformation and personal empowerment are a natural result. The book then takes the reader on an amazing journey of how the consciousness of the individual can be altered, by establishing a contra-distinction between individual thinking patterns and the ways in which nature operates. This alteration of individual consciousness provides a fascinating blueprint for sustainable living, too! If you believe that the root cause of challenges is the individual mind and if you sincerely want the planet to be on a sustainable course at least till 3012...then this book is definitely for you.

If you plunge into a pool, you cannot escape getting wet. This book is a transformation pool. If you plunge into this book, you will become wet with transformation. The book will dismantle your current sense of who you are and help you reassemble a fresh and wonderful sense of who you are! Yes, you cannot escape the grip of this life-altering book!

About the Authors
A. Senthivel
was born in a village in South India. His father, Athinarayanan, was a truck driver when the author was born. The father, in spite of the humble social status, was a thinking and compassionate man. The father toiled all his life to give bread and education to his children. Senthivel studied M.A. in English Literature and later co-founded Frontier Holidays. After identifying his uniqueness, Senthivel gave up his career in tourism and is now involved
full-time in conducting life transformation workshops. Senthivel’s attempt at freeing himself from the debilitating grip of his conditioning helped him align his thought process to the natural laws that operate life! Lives in Bangalore with his beloved wife Bharathi, and sons Kartik and Aadhi. E-mail:

Govind Babu An Engineer, MBA and a corporate IT professional with over 18 yrs of experience, worked in Singapore and USA. While working as a Vice President of an American company he experienced profound life transformation after which he co-founded Aligned Living along with Senthivel. Aligned Living now conducts life transformation workshops for the Corporate and individuals globally. Lives with wife Renupriya and sons Akshat and Anshul in Bangalore, India.
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No, 2014, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Rao
“The novice teacher shows and tells incessantly; the wise teacher listens, prods, challenges, and refuses to give the right answer.” – Lao Tzu

This book contains concerns and clari cations on career, personality development, success, entrepreneurship, learning and development, leadership and life. It addresses the questions
that some of you may have in your mind.

It helps:
  • Acquire great habits.
  • Improve your personality, attitude and behavior.
  • Interact with interview board effectively.
  • Inculcate professional etiquette.
  • Augment your leadership brand.
  • Excel as a successful employee, entrepreneur and leader.
  • Achieve all-round success in your life.
The book covers conversations from education to entrepreneurship; from employability to employment; and from leadership to life. It covers various aspects of Campus Recruitment Training. It is a quick reference pocket guide for students and freshers who are seeking employment opportunities and for working executives to scale the corporate ladder quickly. It is also useful for educators, entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, trainers, learners and leaders.

About the Author
Professor M.S.Rao is an international leadership guru who rose from humble origins. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading leadership educators, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and practitioners.

He has 33 years of experience in leadership development, and conducts leadership development training programs for various corporates and educational institutions. He is an Executive Coach and Motivational
Speaker. He coined a new leadership tool – Soft Leadership Grid; leadership teaching tool – 11E Leadership Grid; and innovative teaching tool – Meka’s Method. His areas of interest include Leadership, Executive Coaching and Executive Education.

He is the Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants, India and the author of 25 books including the award-winning ‘21 Success Sutras for Leaders’ that has been selected as the Top 10 Leadership Books of the Year – 2013 by San Diego University. He is the recipient of an International Award - International Coach of the Year 2013. He has been honored with photo on the cover pages of prestigious international leadership magazines including ‘The Leaders International’ and ‘African Leadership Magazine’. He has published more than 250 papers and articles in international publications including Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, Development and Learning in Organizations, Industrial and Commercial Training, Human Resource Management - International Digest, Training and Management Development Methods, T+D Magazine, Personal Excellence, Chief Learning O cer Magazine, Journal of Values-Based Leadership, UN Post, Emerald, and Sage. He serves as an Advisor and Judge for several prestigious international organizations including Global Leadership Awards, Malaysia. He has been listed as one of the leading achievers around the world in Marquis Who's Who in the World in 2013. He successfully led a webinar as a thought leader on Soft Leadership: A New Leadership Perspective organized by International Leadership Association, America.

He serves on the editorial boards of various prestigious international journals including Development and Learning in Organizations and Industrial and Commercial Training of Emerald Journals - U.K, Journal of Values-Based Leadership and Journal of Business Studies Quarterly USA and International Journal of Business Administration Canada. He can be reached at: and additionally maintains three popular blogs titled ‘Where Knowledge is Wealth’ - URL ‘Professor M.S.Rao Born for the Students’ URL and ‘Knowledge Grows When Shared’- URL
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No, 2012, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Herekar
Greetings and Welcome to the Magical World of infinite Power that is waiting to be discovered by you since the first breath you took at the time of your birth.

My name is Saif Herekar and I am simply in love with life. It has been years of varied experiences I have gathered from some of the most interesting people I have met. Something beautiful happened a decade ago, when I got an opportunity to give an inspirational speech at a small gathering & it felt wonderful when someone from the audience said to me that it made a difference to him. From that day on, I discovered that I was designed & destined for the people. I have facilitated to thousands of people since then on Leadership, Fear fighting, Confidence building and more. I have conducted various trainings in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Airlines, Hotels, Cruise liners, Fashion, Animation etc in India & abroad. Since then there is no looking back. In my years of experience of meeting & speaking with people, the one thing that I observed in many was fear & lack of self confidence. I decided to write on it and it took the shape of a book called ‘White Magique’.

I would like to invite you on a journey with me through this book. This journey will speak the story of Failure & Success. It will reveal secrets on how to tame your biggest fears and how to conquer like Champions. It is an answer to those incalculable questions that float around pushing us deeper into the tunnel of darkness & failure. This is not just a book; it is a Journey, a mission and a story every individual could relate to. Decades of rich experiences have been brought together in this journey to assist one and all. I call this journey the ‘White Magique’ as it is the magical, mystical and pure pathway to strengthen your Body, Mind & Soul. I wish all my readers a very happy journey through this book.

About the Author
Saif Herekar
Behavioral learning & Development Expert Writer, Philosopher & Poet Saif Herekar has passionately enjoyed conducting Research & Facilitation on Behavioral learning & Development for more than a decade. He has conducted thousands of Workshops featuring NLP, Leadership programs, Motivational speeches, Surveys, Business & Personality coaching. He is actively training HR teams of reputed organizations on interviewing process & Negotiation.

He has written a large collection of Poems and also writes short stories. He is also a Voice coach and has done Voice Over for many educational videos. He has conducted many Sales & Product training for Organizations in India & abroad.

He has trained Professionals on Leadership, Problem Solving, Creativity, Attention to detail, Effective Delegation & much more covering diverse industries ranging from Airlines, Information Technology, Media, Animation, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Fashion, Engineering & more. He has conducted motivational speeches in the finest colleges, Auditoriums & Seminars in Mumbai. He is also an Image Consultant to some reputed Organizations in India & abroad. He is a Personal coach to a huge list of students in India, Malaysia, Dubai and Europe.

He can be contacted on,,
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No, 2013, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Malshe
The heart may take delight in several things and yet experience a void. The trick lies in discovering the truth or falseness of that void. A question lingers; does that void really exist or is it just ones imagination?

Our lives are like those of fish caught in the net of strings which entangle us. Strings of desires and relations do not allow us to set ourselves free. Should we then cut ourselves free from all desires or relationships to get ultimate freedom?

Minaz , a spinster is quite happy with her life which gets suddenly shaken up when her friend Kalpita frustrated with her marital life of loneliness attempts suicide and survives to return longingly to her husband who had driven her to self extinction. With a curious desire to taste this confusing bliss called love Minaz gets pulled into a relationship with Anudeep, a father of two young kids.

These are the protagonists who are in search of a cure for their lonely hearts but who in this search transform their original blissful nature to a soul defeating state.

It is Maitrayi, a figure of higher consciousness who runs along the story understanding that to be free is in reality not to be free from something or someone but a state of release from bondage-a bondage of tradition and authority. She experiences a state of being, which is not a result of a desire to be free but Freedom itself. Holding the hand of her spirit of happiness with the force of a thinking mind she sails the journey of life in the ship of pure love.

JARS FILLED WITH GOLD is a story of survival of three women who in today’s Dark Age search for a light within - 'Tat Twam Asi' - That Thou Art'.
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No, 2017, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Dr. Neha Shah
Curiosity about sex in children is as natural and inevitable as sexual development itself. Parents often find themselves at a loss when it comes to dealing with these curiosities. This book addresses the queries and dilemmas most parents have while negotiating the growing up years, including most gnawing question - What is normal?‘Sexuality Begins At Home’ is the first step in understanding the various aspects of human sexuality, their impact on our children and the role that parents need to play to ensure a happy ans safe childhood. And it does so, in an easy-to-read manner. This book is a must for every parent who wants to be involved in their child’s development.
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5.5 X 8.5 X 1.33 inch, 288, 01/01/2018, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, 2018, Usually Ships in 1-2 Days, No, Paperback, New, India, First, Koushiki Choudhury

Autumn Leaves is the story of Victoria, an American woman, who falls in love with a scientist from India whom she meets in the United States of America. After marriage, they move to India, where she settles down with him. However, their adjustment to each other is difficult and within a few years their marriage starts falling apart. Stranded in India, in an environment she deeply dislikes, Victoria is heart-broken and distraught, but painfully realizes that peace lies in her own hands. Braving the challenges, she attempts to carve out a life for herself in India till she can fly back home, when suddenly she finds herself irresistibly attracted to someone she shouldn’t be. Her tempestuous times in this unknown land unravel the myriad facets of a fascinating, sensual journey. Autumn leaves is a riveting, compelling story of life, loss and an unexpected love.

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No, 2013, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Sen
What is this book about?

It all started with my friend asking me to write a book for him on ˜what ticks money™ in general and˜financial planning in particular, both in a simple and user-friendly way.

The need lay in the fact that there's a lot of ignorance on this matter, when it’s really very simple to understand.

While people from the financial services industry may have a fairly decent understanding of the subject, for all others (which is an exponentially bigger audience) it lies within touching distance of rocket science.

I have been fortunate to be associated with an industry which worships money. The experiential learning here is immense. How and when people respond to greed or fear, in itself, is a teacher.

Different people react differently to these two emotions, under similar set of circumstances, at the same point of time. One’s perspective, one’s reading of the situation drives one’s response.

Equanimity (quality of remaining calm and composed) is rarer than a blue moon. In an unending race of time, fear hands over the baton to greed which in turn hands it back to fear. And this cycle of emotions is what makes the market.

It’s my firm belief that the root of anxiety lies in the ambiguity about one’s financial position, lack of organization of one’s finances and poor understanding of how our inaction on financial matters effects our (family’s) future.

The following quote sums it up aptly.

“If a man gets his attitude towards money straight, it will help straighten out every other area in his life” – Billy Graham

We have examples like Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, M C Hammer, who were filthy rich at the peak of their careers and were in dire straits till last heard. There could be two causes for it, either their careers took a nosedive or their finances were mismanaged.The latter cause would include overspending and living beyond one’s means. And given, that they had the talent and competence, the former looks a little tough to believe!!!

This book mentions also the key ingredients required for acquiring peaceof mind, financially. It outlines the thumb rules to follow and the landmines to avoid.

It is written with the hope that it will spur people to KARMA, keeping in mind that, “The greatest productive force is human selfishness” (Robert Heinlein).

It emphasizes upon the need of financial planning which is the first and important step towards achieving financial well-being in a proactive way.

It builds on this concept in a simple way through 12 life stories establishing the cause-effect relationship between various components of money management (or financial planning, as I have alternately used). It magnifies and highlights the importance of the critical cornerstones of a financial plan.

The process of financial planning is an intense and engaging exercise on one hand but common sensical in approach on the other. It requires customization. It aims to minimize risk, optimize returns on our earnings while ensuring that we cross milestones and reach our goals as planned.

A job of a financial planner is to marry ‘what you want’ to ‘what you need’.

To make a case in point – despite being frequent users of white goods like fridge, A/c, oven, TV, cars, etc., ourunderstanding about the technology that goes behind these goods  is very limited. Also, we do not have the time and inclination to gain in-depth knowledge about the same.

Similarly, regarding financial products, our understanding on different financial ingredients used, the quantities put and their reaction to one another may not be up to the mark.

We may have answers to a few basic questions like mileage, power consumption, uniform cooling, maintenance costs, etc. on white goods; and rate of return, risk undertaken, situations covered under insurance, premium amounts and dates, purpose of investments, goals it seeks to achieve, etc., on money management, we couldn’t be bothered with how or what happens to deliver this output.

And is it required? Wouldn’t we rather live and enjoy life!!! Don’t we prefer spending time on our professions/ vocations which earns us our bread-and butter?

To decide from various experiences available, whether it is brands for white goods and a financial planner for money management, we usually rely upon feedback from the actual users or trust our judgment in choosing one over the other.

The attempt in this book is to throw light on the basic pillars of money management process namely, risk control, wealth creation and wealth transfer.

This book is not intended to be a do-it-yourself tool or a quick-fix for financial ills.

It aims to build understanding on money management in a very simple and lucid manner.

Why is it needed? How is it done?

What are the basic terms one needs to be conversant with to understand it better?

Hope you enjoy reading the book, as much as I enjoyed creating it.

About the author
I am Deepali Sen, a proverbial small town girl, who has spent time in excess of 15 years in the corporate world, out of which around 13 years have been spent across mutual fund companies like Franklin Templeton AMC Ltd., Axis AMC Ltd., and ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd.
I am a financial planner by profession, a dreamer at heart, an entrepreneur in attitude, worshipper of Karma and a believer in miracles.

I have recently co-founded Srujan Financial Advisers LLP, a firm set-up with the mission of helping clients define their relationship with money and find their own equilibrium with money. More specifically it sets them on track to achieve financial well-being through planning.

This book aims to demystify the recipe to financial independence. The learning on financial well-being for self and others has been more empirical than what my MBA degree or CFP certification would have taught me.

Fortunately or unfortunately, reaching financial well-being is far simpler than one would envisage. It is a fine balance between planning and execution. The God lies in execution, though. As Nike says - “Just do it”.

I have very closely seen the ills of procrastination. That extra information needed to take the call, waiting for that perfect timing to enter the markets, aversion to dealing with forms and documents, very detailed analysis required, consulting, or taking views from people who may have no competence, skill sets, or understanding etc...

Mr. Bachchan sums it up very aptly in one of his movies “Jab soch gahri ho jaati hai toh faisle kamzor pad jaate hain” (when the thoughts run deep, action is mostly compromised).

Randomness or chance plays a far vital role in our lives than we would care to admit, and therefore, it is important that we worry only about the controllable; manage what’s in our hands.

Over the years I have been forced to acknowledge the reasons behind why Mr. Gareeb Gates is wealthy and why Mr. Doulat Mallya is forever in need of funds.

The difference does not lie between how much they earn but what they do with that money and their spending / investing habits. Is their money magnetic enough to attract more money?

The book is an attempt to elaborate on all this.

I’d like to thank my friends and family for moulding and shaping my beliefs, my understanding all through the years.

Special thanks to my parents for egging me on, Soumya Sen for being my sounding board, Rohas Nagpal for seeing in me what I didn’t know existed, Gaurav Mashruwala and Amit Trivedi for mentoring me and influencing my thoughts over the years. 

I feel blessed and am grateful for having the friends and family that I have.
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No, 2013, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Shaikh
I am a miracle being is a lot to do with self and self growth of an individual.  As an individual we go through certain emotions in our day to day life.  This therapy guides us to overcome our daily challenges in a miraculous way.

By practicing the exercises in this book you will see yourself evolve along with your family and friends. If you are a counsellor or a therapist you will see the benefits of applying this therapy with your clients.  Whether you are a student, a teacher, a mother or a father... this therapy will evolve you, your work, and your life.

About the Authors
Rachana Awatramani as the name means to create; she has been inventing her own ways of dealing with self and her clients. She is a counselling psychologist by profession. Evolving and spreading awareness of miracle being therapy has been her soul purpose. “You need miracles to happen then be a miracle” is what she believes.

Afsha Shaikh, counselling psychologist by profession, is the co-founder of miracle being therapy. She has been working with Rachana from her learning days. She is working with different organizations as a counsellor. Her purpose has been spreading the word of celebrating life and this book is her first step towards it by celebrating each ones being.
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No, 2012, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Rao

“Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.”
- Viktor E. Frankl

The book highlights various aspects of love, life, learning, leadership, business, and success. It helps you become jack of all trades and master of learning and leadership. It equips you with acumen to excel as a successful leader. It prepares a platform for you, and serves as a launching pad to lead your life successfully. It develops your personality, and provides meaning to your life. It reminds you that you are the most important person in your life, and you came to this world to do something important. And it calls upon you to contribute sincerely to make a difference in the lives of others.

This book contains interesting case studies, stories, anecdotes, and illustrations based on the author’s 30 years of experience in various areas. It provides a series of practical, proven, easy-to-apply ideas, and strategies that help you become a successful person and leader.

This book is designed for those who want to find purpose, and meaning in their lives to achieve success and happiness. You can easily toss the book into a briefcase, or purse and read here and there as time allows.

About the Author
Professor M.S.Rao
rose from humble origins. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading leadership educators, authors, speakers, coaches and consultants. He has more than three decades of experience in leadership development, and conducts training programs for various corporates and educational institutions. He is a Success Coach and Motivational Speaker, and delivers Guest Lectures upon request. He has coined the Meka’s Method – An Innovative Teaching Tool, the 11E Leadership Grid, and Soft Leadership Grid, and is a specialist in Soft Leadership. His areas of interest include Leadership, Coaching, and Learning and Development.

He is the Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants, India. He is the author of 17 books including Secrets of Your Leadership Success: The 11 Indispensable E’s of a Leader, Soft Leadership: Make Others Feel More Important; Smart Leadership: Lessons for Leaders; Stand Out! Build a Successful Career and Become a Global Leader; Spirit of Indian Youth: Soft Skills for Young Managers; Smartness Guide: Success Tools for Students; Spot Your Leadership Style: Build Your Leadership Brand; Secrets for Success: Failure is only a Comma, Not a Full Stop; Soft Skills: Enhancing Employability; and Soft Skills for Students: Classroom to Corporate. He has published more than 250 papers and articles in international publications such as Leadership Excellence, Leader to Leader, T+D Magazine (ASTD), Personal Excellence, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Emerald, Sage, and The Journal of Values Based Leadership (US) to name a few. He is an Advisor on the Board of Global Leadership Awards Committee – Malaysia, and was an honored judge for Global Leadership Awards – 2011 and 2012.

He is the Editorial Advisory Board Member for various prestigious international journals including Development and Learning in Organizations and Industrial and Commercial Training of Emerald Journals -Â U.K, International Journal of Business Administration - Canada, and Journal of Business Studies Quarterly - USA. He is the reviewer for various prestigious international journals including Emerald. He is ranked as No.1 among the speakers in India as per reviews on vide link: http://

He can be reached at: and additionally maintains popular Blogs titled ‘Where Knowledge is Wealth’ - URL http://profmsr. ‘Professor M.S.Rao Born for the Students’ URL http://professormsrao.blogspot. com and ‘Knowledge Grows When Shared’- URL

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No, 2012, Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd., First, India, Paperback, New, Rastogi

Although most of us enthusiastically commence our careers, very few of us do so with clear-cut goals in mind. The corporate scenario is rapidly changing with globalization, economic growth and other complex issues affecting the capital markets and employment conditions. In this scenario, actively managing one’s career has become very important in order to achieve success. ‘Smart Moves, Great career’ offers compelling ideas to help the reader break through the chains binding him down and achieve optimum career growth. More importantly, this book helps the reader achieve this success with a positive and optimistic mindset. It also considers the need for every individual to maintain harmony in his/her personal life while pursuing his/ her career.

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No, 2011, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, First, India, Paperback, New, Rangnekar

Sharu Rangnekar quotes W. Somerset Maugham who once said, I write what I see people think I have talent.

This is illustrated fully in this book where Sharu Rangnekar has written what he has seen and it has turned out to be a humorous and thought provoking presentation.

This book gives lessons on:

  • How to Manage the Boss
  • How to manage & Develop your Subordinates
  • How to Obtain Power
  • How to Manage Change
  • How to Inculcate Motivation
  • And more

This book is published in the centenary year of International Women s Day as a tribute to the great role played by women since time immemorial.


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