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7 x 9 x .8 inch, ships in 12-15 days, ships in 1-2 days, 404, 17/03/2020, 2020, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., N, First, Kanagaraj, Kalyankumar Asangi, Paperback, New, India, Xudong Ren

About the Book

This book describes the current trends in network automation, operators challenges and how they are addressed by micro-service based closed-loop automation platform-ONAP, by providing required details on ONAP architecture, design principles, development guidance and key features of ONAP components. Also it describes how to use cases and details on how a new network service can be designed and deployed.

Finally it covers on how ONAP supports Linux Foundation's OPNFV Verification Program. We hope this book would help to promote the establishment of network automations and its standards.

About the Authors

Xudong Ren (Bill Ren), Chief open source liaison officer & General Manager of ICT Infrastructure Open Source Business at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. He is an Board members of LFN and LF Edge. He is fully responsible for the implementation of open source solutions for operators/enterprises in the network automation industry, using open source means to build industrial ecology, expand industrial space, build a healthy and harmonious industrial environment, and support the success of the company’s business. Since Joining Huawei in 2000, he served as an Intelligent Network Research and Development Engineer, Product Manager and Architect of India Branch, General Manager of Business OSS, Vice President of Network OSS, Vice President of Network OSS Strategy and MKT, Vice President of Solution MKTG, etc.

He holds an EMBA and Master Degree from Peking University, and a CS Bachelor Degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Kalyankumar Asangi, Senior Executive and technologist in Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd with 20 years of rich experience in Technology and Product Management. He has played various roles Architect, System Engineer, Design Engineer and Program Manager for the Huawei Datacom VRP platform. He has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas of SDN, NFV, Routing, MPLS, VPN, Network Automation and Edge Computing Currently he is serving as leader for the Open source and Technical Research team to build open source based solution and ecosystem.

He holds Bachelors Degree of Engineering from Karnataka University, Dharawar.

Kanagaraj Manickam open-source NFV Cloud Lead Architect at Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd, having 15 years of R&D and Operational experiences in Data-Center, Cloud & Telco Service Orchestration & Automation. He has incubated VNF Test Platform (VTP - VNFSDK), Open Command Platform (OCOMP - CLI) projects in ONAP community and leading them as PTL. He is one of the author of Linux Foundation’s Certified ONAP professional (COP) certification course. In OPNFV community, he is PTL for Dovetail project, part of Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) Verified Program (OVP). He is also an contributor in TMForum (TMF) Open API project. and was committer in OpenStack HEAT and ETSI NFV Orchestrator (Tacker) projects From Anna university, Tamil Nadu India.

He holds Master degree in Computer Science & Engineering (at PSG Tech), and Bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (at Kongu Eng. College)

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7 x 9 x .5 inch, 268, ships in 12-15 days, 13/03/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, Second, Lee Atchison

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

Every day, companies struggle to scale critical applications. As traffic volume and data demands increase, these applications become more complicated and brittle, exposing risks and compromising availability. With the popularity of software as a service, scaling has never been more important.

Updated with an expanded focus on modern architecture paradigms such as microservices and cloud computing, this practical guide provides techniques for building systems that can handle huge quantities of traffic, data, and demand without affecting the quality your customers expect. Architects, managers, and directors in engineering and operations organizations will learn how to build applications at scale that run more smoothly and reliably to meet the needs of customers.

  • Learn how scaling affects the availability of your services, why that matters, and how to improve it
  • Dive into a modern service-based application architecture that ensures high availability and reduces the effects of service failures
  • Explore the Single Team Owned Service Architecture paradigm (STOSA)-a model for scaling your development organization in tandem with your application
  • Understand, measure, and mitigate risk in your systems
  • Use the cloud to build highly scalable applications
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7 x 9 x .6 inch, 304, ships in 12-15 days, 13/03/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, Bob Gregory, New, India, First, Harry Percival

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As Python continues to grow in popularity, projects are becoming larger and more complex. Many Python developers are taking an interest in high-level software design patterns such as hexagonal/clean architecture, event-driven architecture, and the strategic patterns prescribed by domain-driven design (DDD). But translating those patterns into Python isn't always straightforward.

With this hands-on guide, Harry Percival and Bob Gregory from introduce proven architectural design patterns to help Python developers manage application complexity and get the most value out of their test suites.

Each pattern is illustrated with concrete examples in beautiful, idiomatic Python, avoiding some of the verbosity of Java and C# syntax. Patterns include:

Dependency inversion and its links to ports and adapters (hexagonal/clean architecture) Domain-driven design's distinction between Entities, Value Objects, and Aggregates Repository and Unit of Work patterns for persistent storage Events, commands, and the message bus Command-query responsibility segregation (CQRS) Event-driven architecture and reactive microservices.

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7 x 9 x 1.11 inch, ships in 12-15 days, ships in 1-2 days, 604, 13/03/2020, 2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, N, First, Hyrum Wright, Tom Manshreck, Paperback, New, India, Titus Winters

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Today, software engineers need to know not only how to program effectively but also how to develop proper engineering practices to make their codebase sustainable and healthy. This book emphasizes this difference between programming and software engineering.

How can software engineers manage a living codebase that evolves and responds to changing requirements and demands over the length of its life? Based on their experience at Google, software engineers Titus Winters and Hyrum Wright, along with technical writer Tom Manshreck, present a candid and insightful look at how some of the world's leading practitioners construct and maintain software. This book covers Google's unique engineering culture, processes, and tools and how these aspects contribute to the effectiveness of an engineering organization.

You'll explore three fundamental principles that software organizations should keep in mind when designing, architecting, writing, and maintaining code:

  • How time affects the sustainability of software and how to make your code resilient over time
  • How scale affects the viability of software practices within an engineering organization
  • What trade-offs a typical engineer needs to make when evaluating design and development decisions
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7 x 9 x .4 inch, 212, ships in 12-15 days, 13/03/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, Monty Hammontree, New, India, First, Travis Lowdermilk

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If you're striving to make products and services that your customers will love, then you'll need a customer-driven organization. As companies transform their businesses to meet the demands of the digital age, they find themselves grappling with uniquely human challenges. Organizational knowledge becomes siloed, employees move to safeguard their expertise, and customer data creates polarization and infighting between teams. All of these challenges widen the distance between the people who make your products and the customers who use them.

To meet today's challenges, companies need to do more than build processes for customer-driven products. They need to create a customer-driven culture. With the help of his friend and mentor Monty Hammontree, Travis Lowdermilk takes readers through the cultural transformation of the Developer Division at Microsoft. This book shows readers how to "hack" their culture and reduce the distance between them and their customers' needs. It's a uniquely personal story that's told amidst a cultural revolution at one of the largest software companies in the world. This story acts as your guide. You'll learn how to:

  • Establish a Common Language: Help employees change their thinking and actions
  • Build Bridges, Not Walls: Treat product building as a team sport
  • Encourage Learning Versus Knowing: Help your team understand their customers
  • Build Leaders That Build Your Culture: Showcase star employees to inspire others
  • Meet Teams Where They Are: Make it easy for teams to to adopt vital behavior changes
  • Make Data Relatable: Move beyond numbers and focus on empathizing with customers
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7 x 9 x .7 inch, 332, ships in 12-15 days, 13/03/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Andrew Hoffman

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While many resources for network and IT security are available, detailed knowledge regarding modern web application security has been lacking-until now. This practical guide provides both offensive and defensive security concepts that software engineers can easily learn and apply.

Andrew Hoffman, a senior security engineer at Salesforce, introduces three pillars of web application security: recon, offense, and defense. You'll learn methods for effectively researching and analyzing modern web applications-including those you don't have direct access to. You'll also learn how to break into web applications using the latest hacking techniques. Finally, you'll learn how to develop mitigations for use in your own web applications to protect against hackers.

  • Explore common vulnerabilities plaguing today's web applications
  • Learn essential hacking techniques attackers use to exploit applications
  • Map and document web applications for which you don't have direct access
  • Develop and deploy customized exploits that can bypass common defenses
  • Develop and deploy mitigations to protect your applications against hackers
  • Integrate secure coding best practices into your development lifecycle
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7 x 9 x .9 inch, 452, ships in 12-15 days, 02/03/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2, N, Paperback, New, India, Second, Scott Oaks

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Coding and testing are generally considered separate areas of expertise. In this practical book, Java expert Scott Oaks takes the approach that anyone who works with Java should be adept at understanding how code behaves in the Java Virtual Machine-including the tunings likely to help performance. This updated second edition helps you gain in-depth knowledge of Java application performance using both the JVM and the Java platform.

Developers and performance engineers alike will learn a variety of features, tools, and processes for improving the way the Java 8 and 11 LTS releases perform. While the emphasis is on production-supported releases and features, this book also features previews of exciting new technologies such as ahead-of-time compilation and experimental garbage collections.

  • Understand how various Java platforms and compilers affect performance
  • Learn how Java garbage collection works
  • Apply four principles to obtain best results from performance testing
  • Use the JDK and other tools to learn how a Java application is performing
  • Minimize the garbage collector's impact through tuning and programming practices
  • Tackle performance issues in Java APIs
  • Improve Java-driven database application performance
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7 x 9 x .3 inch, 156, ships in 12-15 days, 02/03/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2, N, Paperback, Joshua Wood, New, India, First, Jason Dobies

Operators are a way of packaging, deploying, and managing Kubernetes applications. A Kubernetes application doesn't just run on Kubernetes; it's composed and managed in Kubernetes terms. Operators add application-specific operational knowledge to a Kubernetes cluster, making it easier to automate complex, stateful applications and to augment the platform. Operators can coordinate application upgrades seamlessly, react to failures automatically, and streamline repetitive maintenance like backups.

Think of Operators as site reliability engineers in software. They work by extending the Kubernetes control plane and API, helping systems integrators, cluster administrators, and application developers reliably deploy and manage key services and components. Using real-world examples, authors Jason Dobies and Joshua Wood demonstrate how to use Operators today and how to create Operators for your applications with the Operator Framework and SDK.

  • Learn how to establish a Kubernetes cluster and deploy an Operator
  • Examine a range of Operators from usage to implementation
  • Explore the three pillars of the Operator Framework: the Operator SDK, the Operator Lifecycle Manager, and Operator Metering
  • Build Operators from the ground up using the Operator SDK
  • Build, package, and run an Operator in development, testing, and production phases
  • Learn how to distribute your Operator for installation on Kubernetes clusters
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7.25 x 9.125 x 2.14 inch, 1168, ships in 12-15 days, 20.03.2020, Shroff Publishers & Distrbutors Pvt. Ltd., 2020, ships in 1-2 days , N, Paperback, New, India, Eleventh, Elstan A. Fernandez

About the Book

This book caters to the structured curricula for Marine Engineering Pre-Sea Students, Marine Engineers of all post-sea competency levels and Electro Technical Officers of the Merchant Navy. This book can also be used as reference material for other related courses and in libraries.

Comprising of 24 chapters in simple English, it explains not only the fundamentals but also the constructional features, operating principles, maintenance procedures and rules that govern the safe operation of important electrical systems onboard a commercial ship.

Extracts from SOLAS Regulations, IACS Guidelines, Lloyd's Register, Det Norske Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping Rules, have been included with permission. Many worldclass organisations and manufacturers have extended their invaluable support and enriched the content too.

The Teaching Guide at the beginning of this book suggests a standard teaching methodology. The question bank, with a total of over 1000 questions, covers all topics that have been explained. This edition also contains about 600 relevant figures, including photographs that have been contributed by leading equipment manufacturers across the world.

About the Author

Elstan A. Fernandez

  • Chartered Engineer - Institution of Engineers (India)
  • Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India)
  • Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK)
  • Member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square (USA)
  • Specialist in Marine Control Systems (Latvia)
  • Certified Maritime Trainer and Assessor (SCI, India)
  • Founder Member of Indian Authors Association

Current Appointments

  • Co-founder KUAILZ Education and Training System (
  • CEO and Founder - Xiotas Technologies (
  • Head of Development and Operations, Solar Association
  • Leader's Panel, Zen Leadership Excellence
  • Advisory Board, JS Enviro
  • Advisory Board, Promising Indians Society
  • Vice President, Pune Christian Entrepreneurs
  • Electrical Officer, Faculty for ETOs and Course Officer for Marine Engineers, Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Pune, India.
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7 x 9 x .1 inch, 64, ships in 12-15 days, 28/02/2020, Shroff/X Team, 2020, ships in 1-2 days , N, Paperback, New, India, First, Bhushan S. Jawle

About the Book

This is a short book to get you started on using Vue.js with WordPress. This is not a book that will make you an expert, nor does it expect you to be one to get started. However, if you follow along, this book will significantly cut your learning curve using VueJs along with WordPress. You are likely to get productive in a matter of hours instead of days.

About the Author

Bhushan Jawle is a Computer Engineer by education, with over 24 years of professional experience. He started programming when DOS was the only operating system on personal computers. Starting with C, he has worked on various languages including (assembly) C++, VC++, Java, Javascript and PHP, and has been working on web development since early 2001 (Sun Certified Java Developer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer).

He has worked on various time critical systems in the investment banking domain, including algorithmic trading, and led a team which was amongst the first to send algorithmic orders in India on NSE & BSE. Out of his 15 years of experience in investment banking technologies, he has spent almost a decade in Tokyo (Japan), leading him to almost compulsively focusing on Kaizen (continuous improvement). He speaks conversational Japanese.

Bhushan believes in the philosophy of Open Source ("Free as in speech"), and runs a web & mobile development firm Sanganak Technologies LLP, which specializes in WordPress, Yii and JavaScript based technologies. He contributes to various open source projects (including WordPress) and has spoken at various technical events like meetups and WordCamps.

Apart from technology, he is a father, husband, singer (Kishore Kumar & RD Burman fan), mimicry artist, a Toastmaster, a voracious reader (he reads about 2 to 3 non-fiction books a month).

His social media pages are:





He can be reached at

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7 x 9 x .7 inch, 344, ships in 12-15 days, 22/02/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2 days , N, Paperback, New, India, First, Adam D. Scott

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

JavaScript is the little scripting language that could. Once used chiefly to add interactivity to web browser windows, JavaScript is now a primary building block of powerful and robust applications. In this practical book, new and experienced JavaScript developers will learn how to use this language to create APIs as well as web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Author and engineering leader Adam D. Scott covers technologies such as Node.js, GraphQL, React, React Native, and Electron. Ideal for developers who want to build full stack applications and ambitious web development beginners looking to bootstrap a startup, this book shows you how to create a single CRUD-style application that will work across several platforms.

  • Explore GraphQL's simple process for querying data
  • Learn about shared authentication for APIs, web apps, and native applications
  • Build performant web applications with React and Styled Components
  • Use React Native to write cross-platform applications for iOS and Android that compile to native code
  • Learn how to write desktop applications with Electron
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6 x 9 x .5 inch, 236, ships in 12-15 days, 22/02/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2 days , N, Paperback, New, India, First, Lomit Patel

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

How can startups successfully scale customer acquisition and revenue growth with a Lean team? Out-of-the-box acquisition solutions from Facebook, Google, and others provide a good start, but the companies that can tailor those solutions to meet their specific needs, objectives, and goals will come out winners. But that hasn’t been an easy task until now.

With this practical book, author Lomit Patel shows you how to use AI and automation to provide an operational layer atop those acquisition solutions to deliver amazing results for your company. You'll learn how to adapt, customize, and personalize cross-channel user journeys to help your company attract and retain customers to usher in the new age of Autonomous Marketing.

  • Learn how AI and automation can support the customer acquisition efforts of a Lean Startup
  • Dive into Customer Acquisition 3.0, an initiative for gaining and retaining customers
  • Explore ways to use AI for marketing purposes
  • Understand the key metrics for determining the growth of your startup
  • Determine the right strategy to foster user acquisition in your company
  • Manage the increased complexity and risk inherent in AI projects
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