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7 x 9 x 0.72 inches, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 392, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Claus O. Wilke

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Effective visualization is the best way to communicate information from the increasingly large and complex datasets in the natural and social sciences. But with the increasing power of visualization software today, scientists, engineers, and business analysts often have to navigate a bewildering array of visualization choices and options.

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7 x 9 x 0.40 inch, Usually Ships in 12-15 Days, Usually Ships in 1-2 Days, 240, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, No, First, Vijay Pande, Peter Eastman, Paperback, New, India, Bharath Ramsundar

Deep learning has already achieved remarkable results in many fields. Now it’s making waves throughout the sciences broadly and the life sciences in particular. This practical book teaches developers and scientists how to use deep learning for genomics, chemistry, biophysics, microscopy, medical analysis, and other fields.

Ideal for practicing developers and scientists ready to apply their skills to scientific applications such as biology, genetics, and drug discovery, this book introduces several deep network primitives. You’ll follow a case study on the problem of designing new therapeutics that ties together physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine—an example that represents one of science’s greatest challenges.

Learn the basics of performing machine learning on molecular data

Understand why deep learning is a powerful tool for genetics and genomics

Apply deep learning to understand biophysical systems

Get a brief introduction to machine learning with DeepChem

Use deep learning to analyze microscopic images

Analyze medical scans using deep learning techniques

Learn about variational autoencoders and generative adversarial networks

Interpret what your model is doing and how it’s working

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7 x 9 x .6 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, N, First, Paperback, New, India, Jimmy Song

Dive into Bitcoin technology with this hands-on guide from one of the leading teachers on Bitcoin and Bitcoin programming. Author Jimmy Song shows Python programmers and developers how to program a Bitcoin library from scratch. You’ll learn how to work with the basics, including the math, blocks, network, and transactions behind this popular cryptocurrency and its blockchain payment system.

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6 x 9 x .2 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 108, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Ajit Singh

The successful emergence of the Internet of Things and mechanically rich cloud services have helped to create the need for edge computing, in which data processing occurs in part at the network edge, rather than completely in the cloud.

In Edge Computing: Simply in Depth, the vision and definition of Edge computing is introduced, as well as several key techniques that enable Edge computing.

This book facilitates and features the Edge Computing with respect to Mobile, IoT and IIoT technologies. This book covers from evolution, architecture, implementation and standard role of IoT. All aspects have been the things are covered along with in-depth industry’s real-life and practical use cases from industry.

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6 x 9 x .6 inch, 316, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 12/07/2019, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, No, Paperback, New, India, First, Alex Castrounis

If you’re an executive, manager, or anyone interested in leveraging AI within your organization, this is your guide. You’ll understand exactly what AI is, learn how to identify AI opportunities, and develop and execute a successful AI vision and strategy. Alex Castrounis, business consultant and former IndyCar engineer and race strategist, examines the value of AI and shows you how to develop an AI vision and strategy that benefits both people and business.

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7 x 9 x 1.11 inch, ships in 12-15 days, ships in 1-2 days, 604, 13/03/2020, 2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, N, First, Hyrum Wright, Tom Manshreck, Paperback, New, India, Titus Winters

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Today, software engineers need to know not only how to program effectively but also how to develop proper engineering practices to make their codebase sustainable and healthy. This book emphasizes this difference between programming and software engineering.

How can software engineers manage a living codebase that evolves and responds to changing requirements and demands over the length of its life? Based on their experience at Google, software engineers Titus Winters and Hyrum Wright, along with technical writer Tom Manshreck, present a candid and insightful look at how some of the world's leading practitioners construct and maintain software. This book covers Google's unique engineering culture, processes, and tools and how these aspects contribute to the effectiveness of an engineering organization.

You'll explore three fundamental principles that software organizations should keep in mind when designing, architecting, writing, and maintaining code:

  • How time affects the sustainability of software and how to make your code resilient over time
  • How scale affects the viability of software practices within an engineering organization
  • What trade-offs a typical engineer needs to make when evaluating design and development decisions
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7 x 9 x .4 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 220, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Ian Pointer

Deep learning is changing everything. This machine-learning method has already surpassed traditional computer vision techniques, and the same is happening with NLP. If you're looking to bring deep learning into your domain, this practical book will bring you up to speed on key concepts using Facebook's PyTorch framework.Once author Ian Pointer helps you set up PyTorch on a cloud-based environment, you'll learn how use the framework to create neural architectures for performing operations on images, sound, text, and other types of data. By the end of the book, you'll be able to create neural networks and train them on multiple types of data.

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7 x 9 x 0.64 inches, 348, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 09/04/2019, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, Justin Domingus, New, India, First, John Arundel

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

Kubernetes is the operating system of the cloud-native world, providing a reliable and scalable platform for running containerized workloads. This book shows developers and operations staff how to apply industry-standard DevOps practices to Kubernetes in a cloud-native context. You’ll learn all about the Kubernetes ecosystem and discover battle-tested solutions to everyday problems.

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7 x 9 x .7 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 372, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Alex Petrov

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in GrayscaleWhen it comes to choosing, using, and maintaining a database, understanding its internals is essential. But with so many distributed databases and tools available today, it’s often difficult to understand what each one offers and how they differ. With this practical guide, Alex Petrov guides developers through the concepts behind modern database and storage engine internals.Throughout the book, you’ll explore relevant material gleaned from numerous books, papers, blog posts, and the source code of several open source databases. These resources are listed at the end of parts one and two.

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7 x 9 x .65 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 332, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 8-10 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, David Foster

Generative modeling is one of the hottest topics in AI. It’s now possible to teach a machine to excel at human endeavors such as painting, writing, and composing music. With this practical book, machine-learning engineers and data scientists will discover how to re-create some of the most impressive examples of generative deep learning models, such as variational autoencoders,generative adversarial networks (GANs), encoder-decoder models, and world models.Author David Foster demonstrates the inner workings of each technique, starting with the basics of deep learning before advancing to some of the most cutting-edge algorithms in the field.

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7 x 9 x .7 inch, 344, ships in 12-15 days, 22/02/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2 days , N, Paperback, New, India, First, Adam D. Scott

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

JavaScript is the little scripting language that could. Once used chiefly to add interactivity to web browser windows, JavaScript is now a primary building block of powerful and robust applications. In this practical book, new and experienced JavaScript developers will learn how to use this language to create APIs as well as web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Author and engineering leader Adam D. Scott covers technologies such as Node.js, GraphQL, React, React Native, and Electron. Ideal for developers who want to build full stack applications and ambitious web development beginners looking to bootstrap a startup, this book shows you how to create a single CRUD-style application that will work across several platforms.

  • Explore GraphQL's simple process for querying data
  • Learn about shared authentication for APIs, web apps, and native applications
  • Build performant web applications with React and Styled Components
  • Use React Native to write cross-platform applications for iOS and Android that compile to native code
  • Learn how to write desktop applications with Electron
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6 x 9 x .5 inch, 236, ships in 12-15 days, 22/02/2020, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, ships in 1-2 days , N, Paperback, New, India, First, Lomit Patel

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How can startups successfully scale customer acquisition and revenue growth with a Lean team? Out-of-the-box acquisition solutions from Facebook, Google, and others provide a good start, but the companies that can tailor those solutions to meet their specific needs, objectives, and goals will come out winners. But that hasn’t been an easy task until now.

With this practical book, author Lomit Patel shows you how to use AI and automation to provide an operational layer atop those acquisition solutions to deliver amazing results for your company. You'll learn how to adapt, customize, and personalize cross-channel user journeys to help your company attract and retain customers to usher in the new age of Autonomous Marketing.

  • Learn how AI and automation can support the customer acquisition efforts of a Lean Startup
  • Dive into Customer Acquisition 3.0, an initiative for gaining and retaining customers
  • Explore ways to use AI for marketing purposes
  • Understand the key metrics for determining the growth of your startup
  • Determine the right strategy to foster user acquisition in your company
  • Manage the increased complexity and risk inherent in AI projects
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