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7 x 9 x .3 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 140, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2019, N, First, Dr. Sambhaji G. Patil, Paperback, New, India, Dr. Sandeep Bhavsar

New emerging and innovative technologies are playing a pivotal role in re-engineering library services. In today’s ICT era, librarians are using different technologies like computers, communication technologies, mobile applications, SMS, open content, the Internet of Things (IOT), electronic publishing, semantic web, linked data, big data, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc for providing library services intelligently and efficiently. All the technologies are possibly used by librarians in handling and managing information for effective use and are playing a major role in supporting library activities in 21st century especially library services. The book is very useful to students, researchers, practicing information professionals and faculty in Library and Information Science.

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7 x 9 x .4 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 172, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 12-15 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Russ Miles

Most companies work hard to avoid costly failures, but in complex systems a better approach is to embrace and learn from them. Through chaos engineering, you can proactively hunt for evidence of system weaknesses before they trigger a crisis. This practical book shows software developers and system administrators how to plan and run successful chaos engineering experiments.System weaknesses go beyond your infrastructure, platforms, and applications to include policies, practices, playbooks, and people. Author Russ Miles explains why, when, and how to test systems, processes, and team responses using simulated failures on Game Days. You’ll also learn how to work toward continuous chaos through automation with features you can share across your team and organization.

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7 x 9 x 1.2 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 604, Shroff/ O'Reilly, 2020, N, Third, Aynne Valencia, Charles Brewer, Paperback, New, India, Jenifer Tidwell

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

Designing good application interfaces isn't easy now that companies need to create compelling, seamless user experiences across an exploding number of channels, screens, and contexts. In this updated third edition, you'll learn how to navigate through the maze of design options. By capturing UI best practices as design patterns, this best-selling book provides solutions to common design problems.

You'll learn patterns for mobile apps, web applications, and desktop software. Each pattern contains examples and practical design advice you can apply immediately. Experienced designers can use this guide as an idea sourcebook, and novices will find a road map to the world of interface and interaction design.

  • Understand your users before you start designing
  • Build your software’s structure so it makes sense to users
  • Design components to help users complete tasks on any device
  • Learn how to promote wayfinding in your software
  • Place elements to guide users to information and functions
  • Learn how visual design can make or break product usability
  • Display complex data with artful visualizations
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7 x 9 x .8 inch, ships in 12-15 days, ships in 1-2 days, 404, 17/03/2020, 2020, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., N, First, Kanagaraj, Kalyankumar Asangi, Paperback, New, India, Xudong Ren

About the Book

This book describes the current trends in network automation, operators challenges and how they are addressed by micro-service based closed-loop automation platform-ONAP, by providing required details on ONAP architecture, design principles, development guidance and key features of ONAP components. Also it describes how to use cases and details on how a new network service can be designed and deployed.

Finally it covers on how ONAP supports Linux Foundation's OPNFV Verification Program. We hope this book would help to promote the establishment of network automations and its standards.

About the Authors

Xudong Ren (Bill Ren), Chief open source liaison officer & General Manager of ICT Infrastructure Open Source Business at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. He is an Board members of LFN and LF Edge. He is fully responsible for the implementation of open source solutions for operators/enterprises in the network automation industry, using open source means to build industrial ecology, expand industrial space, build a healthy and harmonious industrial environment, and support the success of the company’s business. Since Joining Huawei in 2000, he served as an Intelligent Network Research and Development Engineer, Product Manager and Architect of India Branch, General Manager of Business OSS, Vice President of Network OSS, Vice President of Network OSS Strategy and MKT, Vice President of Solution MKTG, etc.

He holds an EMBA and Master Degree from Peking University, and a CS Bachelor Degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Kalyankumar Asangi, Senior Executive and technologist in Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd with 20 years of rich experience in Technology and Product Management. He has played various roles Architect, System Engineer, Design Engineer and Program Manager for the Huawei Datacom VRP platform. He has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas of SDN, NFV, Routing, MPLS, VPN, Network Automation and Edge Computing Currently he is serving as leader for the Open source and Technical Research team to build open source based solution and ecosystem.

He holds Bachelors Degree of Engineering from Karnataka University, Dharawar.

Kanagaraj Manickam open-source NFV Cloud Lead Architect at Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd, having 15 years of R&D and Operational experiences in Data-Center, Cloud & Telco Service Orchestration & Automation. He has incubated VNF Test Platform (VTP - VNFSDK), Open Command Platform (OCOMP - CLI) projects in ONAP community and leading them as PTL. He is one of the author of Linux Foundation’s Certified ONAP professional (COP) certification course. In OPNFV community, he is PTL for Dovetail project, part of Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) Verified Program (OVP). He is also an contributor in TMForum (TMF) Open API project. and was committer in OpenStack HEAT and ETSI NFV Orchestrator (Tacker) projects From Anna university, Tamil Nadu India.

He holds Master degree in Computer Science & Engineering (at PSG Tech), and Bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (at Kongu Eng. College)

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7 x 9 x 1.4 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 732, Shroff/Turnbull, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, James Turnbull

A hands-on and introductory guide to the art of modern application and infrastructure monitoring and metrics. We start small and then build on what you learn to scale out to multi-site, multi-tier applications. The book is written for both developers and sysadmins. We focus on building monitored and measurable applications. We also use tools that are designed to handle the challenges of managing Cloud, containerised and distributed applications and infrastructure.

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7 x 9 x .6 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 280, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, No, Second, Joe Beda, Paperback, New, India, Brendan BurnsKelsey Hightower

Kubernetes radically changes the way applications are built and deployed in the cloud. Since its introduction in 2014, this container orchestrator has become one of the largest and most popular open source projects in the world. The updated edition of this practical book shows developers and ops personnel how Kubernetes and container technology can help you achieve new levels of velocity, agility, reliability, and efficiency.Kelsey Hightower, Brendan Burns, and Joe Beda—who’ve worked on Kubernetes at Google and beyond—explain how this system fits into the lifecycle of a distributed application.

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7 x 9 x .3 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 154, Shroff/X-Team, 2019, N, First, Prof. Rahul S Navale, Dr. Sunil Khilari, Paperback, New, India, Prof. Rahul E Borate

With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how to write effective, idiomatic Python code by leveraging its best features. You will go through Python’s core language features and libraries, and this book shows you how to make your code shorter, faster, and more readable at the same time.

This book is great for newcomers; the content is easy to read and the lessons teach idiomatic Python so that when a developer breaks out into the world from simple projects to more advanced topics, they are already coding stylistically. The book does a good job of covering the basics and offering the reader a solid foundation of knowledge.

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6 x 9 x 0.5 inches, 240, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 15/04/2019, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2019, Usually ships in 1-2 days, N, Paperback, New, India, First, Gretchen Anderson

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

Collaboration is key for organizations in the 21st century, yet few business people have been trained to teach this skill. How do you advance ideas in a collaborative way and then communicate them throughout your company? In this practical book, author Gretchen Anderson shows you how to generate ideas with others while gaining buy-in from all levels of your organization.

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7 x 9 x 1 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 544, Shroff/ O'Reilly, 2020, N, First, Michelle Gienow, Jamie Dobson, Paperback, New, India, Pini Reznik
All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale In the past few years, going cloud native has been a big advantage for many companies. But...
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6 x 9 x .5 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 336, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2019, N, First, Dr. Ramesh Manza Miss. Anupriya Kamble, Dr. Prapti Deshmukh Dr. Yogeh Rajput, Paperback, New, India, Dr. Dyaneshwari D Patil

Bioinformatics performs a leading role in all the digital environment. Bioinformatics defines the terms like collection, classification, storage, and analysis of biomedical and biological information using computers especially when applied to molecular genetics and genomics. This book includes nine special emerging areas in Bioinformatics like Agriculture aspects, Human health, Environmental aspects, Biotechnological aspects, Molecular biology, Neurological aspects, Drug-Design, Veterinary science and System Biology. These are very basic guidelines for those who are interested to work and study in Bioinformatics in their graduations or post-graduation studies and also for newcomers in their research work.

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7 x 9 x .4 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, Usually ships in 1-2 days, 180, Shroff/O'Reilly, 2020, N, First, Lorenzo Fontana, Paperback, New, India, David Calavera

All Indian Reprints of O'Reilly are printed in Grayscale

Build your expertise in the BPF virtual machine in the Linux kernel with this practical guide for systems engineers. You'll not only dive into the BPF program lifecycle but also learn to write applications that observe and modify the kernel's behavior; inject code to monitor, trace, and securely observe events in the kernel; and more.Authors David Calavera and Lorenzo Fontana help you harness the power of BPF to make any computing system more observable. Familiarize yourself with the essential concepts you'll use on a day-to-day basis and augment your knowledge about performance optimization, networking, and security. 

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8.5 x 11 x 1.6 inch, Usually ships in 12-15 days, 832, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2019, Usually ships in 12-15 days, N, Paperback, New, India, Fifth, A. N. Sridhar

A Useful Text for CS Final, ICWA Final, MBA and CFA. This book has a concept oriented approach, is examination Oreinted with a comprehensive coverage of CA Final syllabus. It contains a large number of examples and solved problems, with exercises for self evaluation and Model paper for practice.

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